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Coming this week to celebrate Earth Day from James Cameron, National Geographic and Disney+ is a stunning and intriguing look at the beauty of the sea and SECRETS OF THE WHALES.

Beginning this Thursday in a four-part documentary narrated by actress and conservationist Sigourney Weaver, is a look into the lives of Orcas around the planet. More and more is being discovered about this giants of the deep and the different pods.

Capturing them on film, what these creatures are teaching us all is that they have a culture all their own. Each pod has a language and a set of skills that meet the needs of the group. That is what is most amazing about these beautiful whales, they work together as a group and they grow as a group doing what is best for all.

The second episode in the four parts series speaks about the very large-finned Humpback whales. As scientists watch them, it also becomes clear that they also have their own culture. From amazing treks in large numbers (up to 30,000) through the oceans to their own meaning behind breaching and slapping their fins, what we will all learn is even more delightful.

The third episode is, and I will be honest here, speaks about the very smiley Beluga whale. Learning how groups stay close and babies learn from their mothers, scientists also believe that Beluga’s give each other names and that alone has me grinning from ear to ear. These every so lovely white whales’ flitter about as if constantly at play yet continue to be curious about their world.

Finally, the four episode lets us learn more about the Sperm whale. The most incredible for scientists is capturing a whale calf actually feeding from its mother recorded for the first time ever.

Filmmaker James Cameron joins Brian Skerry to immerse us all in the world of whales and, as he says, to “see life and love from their perspective”. It does not take much for viewers to be pulled into the world of whales, what makes this four-part series unique are the very different choices of sea life they follow.

National Geographic Magazine has The Ocean Issue available online April 15th at Planet Possible is a platform to inspire kicking off on Earth Day to celebrate the wonders of whale culture.

Also, the book SECRETS OF THE WHALES published by National Geographic contains photographer Brian Skerry’s own insight to whales. His photographs help hold up the theory that whales have their own culture through identity, song, and everything else they can teach about our planet if we just look and listen.

Filmed over three years in twenty-four locations, this journey we take with the whales is one of excellence and pure joy. If you do not believe me, watch any video of people watching for whales and the absolute excitement when they do see them. We have an interesting relationship with whales that only becomes more and more fascinating over time.

SECRET OF THE WHALES is a documentary that you literally can not take your eyes off of. The splendor and absolute beauty of these sea creatures engrosses us like no other creature. From the sleek look of Orcas and an appreciation for their cleverness, to the fantastic breaching of Humpback whales, to the nurturing of Sperm whales and finally, to the toothy grin of a Beluga, this series is also packed with information.

As someone who lives very close to the ocean, it is a wonder every time I see whales, dolphins etc. swim along the ocean surface. Sometimes they even take a moment to stop and delight everyone who looks to the horizon for a sign of them. Even if we miss a sighting, we can look over the vastness of the ocean and know they are there.

The documentary offers us a look at what we ocean dwellers do not see all the time, it offers those landlocked a view of the glory of the ocean, the blue sky and the intelligence of creatures that glide along with their families. There is something gloriously wonderful about that actually. Knowing they too have families, they too have a way of life, and they too have language, song and love.

Knowing all that, how can you not be humbled this Earth Day.

In the end – they welcome us to Earth Day!



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