Sometimes when people hear the words ‘goal or resolution,’ it’s almost like a scary movie moment.  You’ve seen this before and are screaming at the screen, “No. Don’t do it!” Try not to be too scared, pessimistic or standoffish this year when you create that New Year’s goal; it can be fun, if you let it.  “Just Do It” and try for something new, crazy, adventurous or financially responsible for the next year. 

Let’s start a new craze like bringing the ’80s back, jeggings, Pinterest or Elf on the Shelf but free, less creepy and weird.  My idea is simple; just change your way of thinking about goals. 

If setting goals is 100% negative process for you and you know you’re going to throw your resolutions out the window almost as soon as you make them, trying starting with smaller goals.  Realize that you can achieve a small goal while working on the larger picture and waiting for results will seem less daunting.  For instance, try to save $20 from each paycheck to put away specifically for holiday spending for next year.  You’re not saving an extreme amount of money at one time but you’re building up to what will be about $500 or more when December rolls around again.

Also… it’s not guaranteed that on December 31, your resolution will magically be easier to do.  When you promise yourself, “I’m going to run three marathons by the end of the year” and you get winded by climbing the stairs, you have work to do.  Some things will need to be accomplished to get to marathon status but it’s absolutely attainable one day at a time.  Rome wasn’t built in a day nor will accomplishing your goals be easy… but you’ll succeed. Get motivated friends to exercise with you, find free financial advisors to keep you on track, find a Jane Wayne Day evening motivators exercising with you, free financial advisors to keep you on track, find and attend a Jane Wayne Day, and keep striving for your goals.

It’s easy to get discouraged these days.  We’re almost all accustomed to instant gratification via email, text, television, Google, Skype, credit cards, etc., and sometimes have forgotten it takes time to achieve some big steps and goals in life.  If you want a more communicative marriage, to start college, get a job, buy a horse, work on your Masters degree, have a baby, invest in the stock market, buy a house — then you’ll have to do some homework and fight for what you’re working towards.  Marine spouses are no stranger to adversity. Whatever it is you intend to do, always remember to think of others before yourself, love your Marine unconditionally (your kids too maybe), send handwritten cards because they mean more, volunteer when you have the time but do not forget yourself in taking care of everything and everyone else.

Happy New Year my Steel Magnolia’s of the Marine Corps!

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