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Coming to Bluray and Digital from director Jessica M. Thompson and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is her story of THE INVITATION.

Evie Jackson (Nathalie Emmanuel) is living in New York City trying to make a career from her own catering business. Along with bestie Grace (Courtney Taylor), Evie tends to follow her lead. One of those leads is taking a DNA test and the results come back that she has a cousin in England named Oliver Alexander (Hugh Skinner).

Meeting him, she learns the family history of Emmaline (Birag Barany), a woman who had a child from someone other than her husband. Oliver has the idea that she should come to a family affair in England to meet her extended family. Shocked that her entire trip would be paid for, Evie decides that since her family has always been so small, it might be very nice to meet everyone.

Making plans with Grace about constantly checking in for her safety, Evie arrives at Carfax Abbey being met by Mr. Field (Sean Pertwee) and the very handsome Walter De Ville (Thomas Doherty). She is also cannot believe she has been provided with her own maid Mrs. Swift (Carol Ann Crawford) who helps her settle into her room. Later in the event she begins to meet the rest of the Alexander family.

But there is something strange in the mansion and Evie does not understand the meaning of things happening. Her dreams, the maids and the off-putting behavior of Lucy (Alana Boden) and Viktoria (Stephanie Corneliussen). Yet, the pull toward Walter is strong and Evie is drawn to his charms.

What is really happening cannot be hidden for long and Evie will come to know the family secrets!

Emmanuel as Evie is a young woman who does not know much about her family history. Learning she has distant relatives; she is taken by the idea of meeting more of her family and a trip to England. Captivated upon arrival, she is treated like guest in so many ways, yet there is something that is not sitting well – except for Walter. He keeps her mind occupied until everything is revealed. Emmanuel gives us a badass heroine who is not helpless by any means.

Doherty as Walter is charming, handsome and has a way with women (obviously). Evie is drawn so completely to him and her friend Gracie isn’t helping much via zoom. When is all comes out in the wash, as dirty family laundry usually does, he is met with a force he hadn’t expected. Doherty is the distraction from the strange goings-on and does it so very well.

Crawford as Mrs. Swift is a surprise in the story, Boden as Lucy is a lovely girl who is in a bad situation and Corneliussen as Viktoria is just awesomely rude. Skinner is the cousin we want to give back – in a body bag! Taylor as Gracie is a supportive friend until the very, very end.

Shout out to Pertwee as Mr. Fields – now there is a protective butler with a frightening temper!

Other cast includes Tian Chaudhry as Diya, Ian Lindsay as Great Uncle Alfred, Lili Walters as Imogen, Elizabeth Counsell as Mina Harker, Jeremy Wheeler as Jonathan Harker and Scott Young as Uncle Julius.

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Special Features include All Net Unrated Cut, Deleted and Extended Scenes Including an Alternate Ending, Outtakes & Bloopers, Behind-The-Scene Featurettes – Lifting the Veil: Story, The Wedding Party: Cast and Till Death Do Us Part: Design.

THE INVITATION is timed beautifully for the fright and chills holiday season. A very interesting look at a twisted family who have secrets around every corner. The creepy setting is actually quite beautiful, but then again, I’m all in for an English mansion hidden away behind miles of trees and one road in and out.

Writer Blair Butler has chosen to use names of characters that a good number of us are familiar with such as Renfield and the Harkers. It sets up the story for what is coming because, anytime there is a dude name Renfield hanging around, things are about to get a little bloody. It is all nicely done keeping the scenes a bit hazy and spooky.

Gather round the fluffy sofa with the lights out and accept THE INVITATION to suspense and mystery.

In the end – sometimes family sucks!



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