Coming to DVD from writer/director Christie Will, Helios Productions and WELL GO USA Entertainment comes a look at life when you are SLIGHTLY SINGLE IN L.A.

This film tells the story of Dale Squire (Lacey Chabert), a young woman trying to succeed in life and in love. She is doing fairly well with life but love – well, not so much. In a relationship with J.P. (Simon Rex), Dale realizes that she is the last thing on his mind.

Deciding to give singleness a try, Dale hangs out with friends Hallie (Jenna Dewan-Tatum), Seven (Jonathan Bennett), Jill (Haylie Duff) and CeCe (Mircea Monroe). Girlfriend Jill is having man problems of her own with Drew (Chris Kattan) and overwhelming wedding plans.

Then there is Zach (Kip Purdue), an old friend who is a rock musician that she feels comfortable hanging out with. That is until bff Hallie turns her sites on him. Figuring they are probably good for one another Dale continues trying to look the other way.

But the deep hidden fact is, Zach is someone Dale cares deeply for but how can she even think of dealing with a relationship until she gets her head straight!

FINAL WORD: I really adore Chabert as Dale. There is something honestly innocent about the way this character cares more for the feelings of others than her own. Of course I can tell you that doesn’t always work when there are friends like Hallie around. Kindness is more often than not taken for permission to leave tire tracks on the heart – which is what Chabert’s character is in store for. Charming and endearing but not sugary sweet is exactly how Chabert portrays this very likeable role.

Purdue as Zach is the punching bag in the film trying to figure for himself how long does one wait for love even if it’s right in front of you. The music element is quite nice and adds just the touch for two lovers to keep missing one another. Purdue is shy, handsome and feeling – and a musician? Jokes on us!

Dewan-Tatum as Hallie is absolutely that one friend you have to keep one eye peeled on! Spunky and aggressive can be fun – but not at the expense of a good friend. Dewan-Tatum gets her hands a little dirty here but the laughs are shared with us. Nice turn around as well and a well-played role.

Bennett as Seven is sweet as the saving force behind all mishaps. Monroe as CeCe is that one friend you can be sure will get you home after a night of crazy drinking. These two need it as Jill played by Duff throws back one to many and takes one less walk in hyper sensitive and over reactionary bride mode. I thought Kattan as Drew was a little too old for this role but perhaps that was the point – and lost on me.

Other cast include: Charlie Bewley as Hayden, Carly Schroeder as Becca, Mercedes Masohn as Stacey, Vivian Bang as Gillian, Grainger Hines as Senior Detective Johnson and Jenae Altschwager as Jenna.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give SLIGHTLY SINGLE IN L.A. three tubs of popcorn out of five. This is a coming of love-age comedy that has moments of hilarity and the same moments of heart awwww’ing. The amazing thing about this film is that with all that it doesn’t come up so far fetched!

The cast works amazingly well together and that does make all the difference in the world when pulling off a romantic comedy. Choosing Chabert to play this role also put believability high on the charts. Everyone wants to root for love, just not the unrealistic kind and this young lady makes it look easy.

In the end – L.A. dreams can come true!



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