The World famous Planes of Fame Museum has the largest private collection of Pre World War II to Vietnam era planes in North America. It’s doors have been open since 1957, when it had only 10 planes. Now it’s collection includes 150 planes with 50 of them being flyable. Many of the planes at the Museum are the last of their kind.

Every year, the Museum pulls out most of their flyable aircraft and along with other warbirds from other museums, brings them together for one of the best air shows in the country. Every year has a theme, and this year is no different with the theme being “Lightning Strikes Chino”, as up to five of the last 8 flyable P-38 Lightning fighters will fly together. The show usually starts with Pre WWII planes flying, with WII warbirds next from both the European and Pacific theaters featured, then it’s to the Korean War, where you’ll see a simulated dogfight between a Russian Mig 15 vs. a USAF Sabre F-86. The show will also include planes such as the Northop Flying Wing, a plane developed long before the current B-2 bomber, and several aerobatics performers.

The Show is located at the Chino Airport in San Bernardino County, less than 1 ½ hours from San Diego. The will be May 4-5, 2013, and the gates open at 8:00 a.m. Food and exhibits will be on hand, and this is a great family event. Cost is $20 general Admission for Ages 12 and up, $5 for ages 5-11, and anyone under 5 is Free. For directions and more information go to



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Douglas Aguillard is a Contributing reporter to the Military Press. He's a Marine Veteran who specializes in Military and Sports photojournalism.

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