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Coming to theatres from directors Jonathan Goldstein, John Francis Daley, eOne and Paramount Pictures is the adventure of DUNGEONS & DRAGONS: Honor Among Thieves.

As a member of the Harpers, Edgin Darvis (Chris Pine) has turned away from his order when a Red Wizard brings pain into his life. Raising daughter Kira (Chloe Coleman) with companion Holga Kilgore (Michelle Rodriguez), they have turned to becoming thieves. Along with Simon the sorcerer (Justice Smith) and Forge Fitzwilliam (Hugh Grant), they take without hurting anyone.

Forge brings a mission that could change Darvis’ life but it all turns when a Red Wizard Sofina (Daisy Head) puts Darvis and Holga in prison leaving Forge to take care of Kira. A few years later, Darvis and Holga make their way out of prison discovering Forge has become the Lord of Neverwinter. Finding lovely daughter Kira, Darvis also learns that Forge has not been telling the truth about what happened.

Leaving Neverwinter without Kira, Darvis knows there is only one way to change this, find Simon to help get into the castle for Kira and retrieve the resurrection tablet. Needing more help, they look for the tiefling shapeshifting druid Doris (Sophia Lillis). She begrudgingly decides to help and each step leads them to more relics with the help of Xenk (Rege-Jean Page).

All of this is to get inside the vault to change their fates and deal with Sofina during Forges’ opening of public games. Not swayed by the danger, Darvis, Holga, Simon and Doris take on everything thrown at them because together – they are a mess, but a mess with heart!

Pine as Darvis leads this rag tag group of misfits on an adventure that is really kind of cool. He is a man on a mission and sometimes the character forgets that it isn’t all about him. Pine has got some great lines, swing into action and is fun to watch. Coleman as daughter Kira is a delight to watch. Her character obviously cares for her father but hurt can be a powerful thing. Kira gives a performance of how I would think a young daughter would feel believing what she does about her father Darvis.

Grant as Fitzwilliam is clever, silly, hilarious and cowardly. I just loved watching his character be as shifty as I know Grant can play a character. This is also the character type of a man who will use anyone to get what he wants – even if it kills them. He has the twinkle eye of greed and Grant has such timing and it is totally fun to watch.

Rodriguez as Kilgore has a short fuse when it comes to people attacking her or pretty much anyone else for that matter. She is strong, swings what ever is in her hands like a pro and does not suffer fools. I actually enjoyed watching Rodriguez in this role believing that it is actually she who holds them all together.

Smith as Simon just wants everyone to know that he needs to learn a lot more about the world of magic. Yet, when he is called upon to help take on the big mission, he rolls his eyes, protests a bit and then off he goes to help Darvis. Smith is funny and yet sweet at the same time in this role. Lillis as Doris is another strong female character that just does not have time for stupidity. Wanting to stop the madness that is happening all around them, she reluctantly joins Darvis on his mission.

Page as Xenk is the handsome good guy that offsets Darvis’ sort of bad guy. He is charming, thoughtful, giving and wants to help the band get what they need. From the moment he is on the screen he oozes smooth and I’m okay with that. Head as Sofina is a woman that has powers to make even the earth shake. She is on her own mission to turn the world into zombieland and stopping her becomes just as important. Head is awesome and a tad scary in her portrayal, well done.

Other cast include Spencer Wilding as Gorg, Will Irvine as Tobias, Nicholas Blane as Chancellor Anderton, Bryan Larkin as Chancellor Norixius, Sarah Amankwah as Baroness Torbo, Colin Carnegie as Elvin High Harper, Georgia Landers as Zia and clayton Grover as Chancellor Harnathan.

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DUNGEONS & DRAGONS: Honor Among Thieves is definetly a fun family film. I saw it with family and we had such a good time together. I did not know what to expect and left the theatre talking about the film. There is action, adventure, a solid story, great special effects, and lots of humor that everyone gets to enjoy.

Directors Daley and Goldstein might have a franchise on their hands for sure. Yes, it did remind me a bit of THE MUMMY franchise but I’m a huge fan of those films so sure, do it with DUNGEONS & DRAGONS. If you can keep the story from breaking off into ridiculous directions then I’d be all in.

Get ready for a whole lot of fun because that’s what DUNGEONS & DRAGONS: Honor Among Thieves brings. If non-stop action is your thing, if video games are your thing, if having fun is your thing then this is the film to see this weekend!

In the end – who needs heroes when you have thieves?



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