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Coming to theatres from director Pierre Perifel, DreamWorks Animation and Universal Pictures comes the story of change from the most unlikely group of THE BAD GUYS.

In a world of two legged and four legged creatures living together in Los Angeles, there is a group called The Bad Guys who are leading a life of crime! Mr. Wolf (voiced by Sam Rockwell) is the head of the gang who loves being cool and driving fast. His friends include the sarcastic Mr. Snake (Marc Maron), the hot-headed Mr. Piranha (Anthony Ramos), loves his disguises Mr. Shark (Craig Robinson) and technology expert Ms. ‘Webs’ Tarantula (Awkwafina).

Always managing to escape infuriates Chief of Police Luggins (Alex Borstein) and the foxy Governor Diane (Zazie Beetz). Looking for their next score, Mr. Wolf has his eyes on the Golden Dolphin, an award to be given to guinea pig Professor Marmalade for his good works. Getting the gang on board means enticing Mr. Snake but the heist is on.

When it goes a bit haywire, Governor Diane and Chief Luggins are ready to lock them up and throw away the key, yet Professor Marmalade has another idea. What if it is possible to show the criminal element how good it can be to be…well…good! When everyone sort of agrees, the gang goes through the motions except that Wolf knows something they do not. Good is not all that bad.

Mr. Snake, however, is not happy and decides he would rather go it alone than deal with the batch of goodie goodies. At the next planned celebration, the new feel-good gang are loving the new attention but is about to get a jolt of reality when everything turns upside down.

That’s when Mr. Wolf, Mr. Piranha, Mr. Shark and Ms. Tarantula get some unexpected help in proving who is really responsible for the mayhem all along!

Rockwell as Mr. Wolf gives us an animated smooth talking and well-dressed Wolf who has lived a life of crime. It is when he meets a little old lady does he realize that he never really considered any other life. Maron as Mr. Snake is sarcastic and has a bite in the way he handles things. Not believing that any good is possible, he sees it more of a betrayal than a new way of life.

Beetz as Governor Diane thinks that the Bad Guys gang have deep rooted issues that are absolutely no excuse for their behavior. Giving them another chance does not seem like a good idea, but she wants to believe Professor Marmalade knows what he is doing. Awkwafina as ‘Webs’ is the tech-savvy eight-legged magician of the bunch and cracked me up absolutely.

Ramos as Mr. Piranha may be small but all you have to do it confront him in the wrong way and the teeth come out fighting. Robinson as Mr. Shark is the big lug of the bunch who, given the chance, loves to dress up and wing a character.  Borstein as Chief of Police Luggins has spent years trying to capture the Bad Guys and every time she gets her hands on them, begins to question what she will do with her life once they are behind bars.

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The characters are based on Aaron Blabey’s book series The Bad Guys. Etan Cohen wrote the screenplay for the film and both Blabey and Cohen have done a terrific job.

THE BAD GUYS is a wonderfully animated film that tests friendships, is full of surprised and makes you forget that the film is about both humans and animals co-existing. There is action, a cute kitty, lots of guinea pigs, and twists in the story. It is also a story of redemption from the most unlikely of characters who have lived their lives always being the villains.

There were so many laughs, enough for the adults and silliness for the kids (or even kids at heart). This is an excellent chance for the family to get together and spend quality time with a film that is just enjoyable for everyone.

In the end – good is no fun at times!



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