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Coming from writer/director Viggo Mortensen, Talipot Studios and Shout! Studios is the story of the rugged life in the west with THE DEAD DON’T HURT.

In the 1860’s life was difficult on the wild frontier of the United States and Danish Holger Olsen (Viggo Mortensen) lives in the quiet town of Elf Flats. On a trip to San Francico, Olsen meets Vivienne (Vicky Krieps) and sees in her an independent woman with a mind of her own. Finding themselves attracted to one another, she follows Olsen back to Elk Flats.

Once there, they begin to make a life for themselves and Vivienne decides to get a job at the local saloon. After a bit of time, Olsen tells her he must go and do his part fighting for the Union in the Civil War. Vivienne is left behind to take care of their homestead and working at the saloon. Around her is Mayor Rudolph Schiller (Danny Huston) and powerful rancher Alfred Jeffries (Garret Dillahunt) who control everything in town. Jefferies son Weston (Solly McLeod) has a reputation for violence but is never held accountable.

Weston is taken with Vivienne and makes advances that she makes clear is unacceptable to her but he is not accustomed to being told no by anyone. When Olsen finally returns from the fight, he is happy to see Vivienne but discovers that something has happened to disturb their peace. That does not stop them from sharing their life until Olsen decides it is time to go what’s best for them all.

Mortensen as Olsen once again plays a character that is quiet in nature but observes everything around him. When he comes across Vivienne, he quickly becomes entranced by her but at the same time realizes she is a force all her own. Mortensen gives his character an openness not found openly in that time period, happy to have Krieps’ characters company without the ties of a ceremony. He also knows his own mind and follows it, even if it is to war.

Krieps as Vivienne is a fiery woman who doesn’t suffer fools for very long. She makes herself plain always, stands up for what she wants and refuses to follow any society norms just to please men. Krieps’ performance in this role gives a strong, fearless (even when there are moments of fear) and memories of her childhood beliefs that give her a quiet strength.

Huston as the Mayor has the uncanny ability to play a bad guy but make it seem as if he is a friend to all, just love it. Dillahunt as Jeffries is going to make sure that he remains powerful and no one is going to get in the way, that includes his son. McLeod as Weston is a boy/man who doesn’t believe the law applies to him in the matter of murder or anything else. McLeod gives his character the right amount of despicability from beginning to end.

Other cast includes Nadia Litz as Martha Gilkyson, Marc Dennis as Fishmonger Stevens, John Getz as Reverend Simpson, Billy Crossley as Shane Graham, Rafel Plana as Claudio Garcia, Alex Breaux as Ed Wilkins, , Jason Clarke as Fergus, Atlas Green as Vincent, Eliana Michaud as little Vivienne, W. Earl Brown as Alan Kendall, and Ray McKinnon as Judge Blagden.

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THE DEAD DON’T HURT is an old-fashioned western with modern undertones of a woman who clearly isn’t guided by the rules of the day. Mortenson gives the film the right feel of horses, dust, firearms and the underhandedness of powerful men in the west. Together, Olsen and Vivenne understand one another and these two actors bring about a powerful western tale. Their love was unique showing the power of overcoming both of their circumstances.

It may take a moment to adjust to the stories intermixing but, as the tale becomes clearer, it is another notch in Mortensen’s ability to weave and create an original film. Added to this is that Mortensen is also a producer and brings in the music for the film. It is a herculean task just being a director but deciding that there is an important is how the story should come across, what is a few more ways to make that happen.



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