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Coming to Bluray, DVD and Digital from director Everado Gout, Blumhouse and Universal Pictures Home Entertainment is the dread that is about to happen with THE FOREVER PURGE.

It is 2048 and racial tensions are back with the New Founding Fathers of America and it is a day before the upcoming Purge. Juan (Tenoch Huerta) and Adela (Ana de la Reguera) crossed into the United States into Texas for a better way of life and Juan works at the Tucker ranch while Adela also finds work.

Ranch owner Caleb Tucker (Will Patton) wants Juan and his family to be safe and give them a little help. It is his son Dylan (Josh Lucas) prepares his family for it but there is tension between Dylan and Juan. That’s why the couple get aboard a bus that is supposed to take them to a safe place for the next twelve hours guarded by T.T. (Alejandro Edda).

Dylan is already experiencing intensity and scaring pregnant wife Cassidy (Cassidy Freeman) as the lights flicker and the guns need loading. As the night ends, everyone goes back to their ‘normal’ lives trying to be oblivious to the night’s bloodshed. Only…something has gone wrong, horribly wrong.

When Juan gets to the farm, he and T.T. (Alejandro Edda) discovers that the Tuckers have been taken hostage by a group that believe the Purge is now forever. This group led by Kirk (Will Brittain) is now going after the rich ranchers and the Tuckers are the first to feel their wrath. Getting Juan as close as they can to finding Adela, they are joined by Harper Tucker (Leven Rambin) who believes she owes a debt.

Waiting, Dylan and Cassidy are discovering what it is like out in the streets during a Purge. Believing there is no hope, Canada and Mexico open their borders for six hours to get people out of the Purge. Juan and Adela know that they have no choice but to advise the group to head to Mexico. Now, they are all being chased by gunman who do not care what side of the border they are on.    

When violence has gasoline poured on it – the purge spreads out of control!

Reguera as Adela is not one to sit back and not do everything to protect herself and those around her. It becomes clear that there is a reason she is so good at fighting and she’s not about to give up now. Huerta as Juan has one thing on his mind, finding his wife and getting out alive. Helping those who did not want to help them is a twist and it now becomes a struggle for all. His boss-beef gets put aside when survival for all becomes a group effort.

Lucas as Dylan is a man with his own issues, but two things are clear, one – he does not believe in the Purge and two, he is not a fan of Juan. One thing is for certain, opinions do not mean anything because trying to survive washes out petty differences. I enjoyed watching Lucas take on this role but then again, I enjoy Lucas period.

Rambin as sister Harper is another strong character because she is not afraid of anything in front of her and clever as all get out. Edda as T.T. is using what he knows to get the group moving forward. He also sees the strength of the group working together and what Harper and Adela are capable of. Freeman as Cassidy is following the group with not just her own survival but that of her unborn child.

Other cast includes Zahn McClarnon as Chiago, Gary Nohealii as Joaquin, Keenan Henson as Stan, Carol Cantu as Lupita, and Gregory Zaragoza as Xavier.

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Bonus Feature include Deleted Scene and an Alternate Storyboard Opening, Collapsing the System: Behind THE FOREVER PURGE and Creeptastic Wardrobe.

This Purge film starts out with nothing but divide and ugliness, they come together not only out of survival but begin to understand one another. Surrounded by the worst of humanity, they refuse to give in to those who are so twisted by their own bloodlust.

As a group they continue to trust who they can and do what ever it takes to survive. Interesting how differences are voided out when killing means no one is safe, no matter who you are and where you come from. Once the violence begins and there is no control, it spreads like a disease and nowhere is safe – they can only keep running!

The film is intense, edge-of-your-seat and disturbing in its imagery. Yet that is absolutely the point. Something as heinous as the ideal of a purge, brings out everything brutal that inhumanity has to offer. From start to finish, THE PURGE is not going to let the viewer rest so be prepared to take the last stand.

In the end – one night is not enough!



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