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Coming to theatres this Memorial Day weekend for the entire family from director Mark Dindal and Sony Pictures is an iconic cat with THE GARFIELD MOVIE.

Garfield (Chris Pratt) is sharing a little more about his life and how it all began for him. From the life of an abandoned kitten on the streets to discovering Jon (Nicholas Hoult) and his first pizza experience. While being comfy at home with his bestie Odie (Harvey Guillen) and having a midnight snack, they are kidnapped by Shar-pei Roland (Brett Goldstein) and whippet Nolan (Bowen Yang).

Taken to an abandoned building, Garfield hears a voice he recognizes, that of his father Vic (Samuel L. Jackson). But that isn’t who is responsible! An angry Persian cat Jinx (Hannah Waddingham) who is upset with Vic and used Garfield and Odie to get to him. Jinx agrees to forgive and forget if they get her the one thing she craves.

Off to Lactose Farms, they meet Otto who is the only one that can help Garfield, Odie and Vic get inside to get the white liquid gold. There biggest obstacle is Marge (Cecily Strong) and she has her own plan because security is everything. It isn’t going to be easy as father and son need to come to terms with the past because the goal is to get home!

Pratt as the voice of Garfield brings in a different vocal vibe with much more talking than most would be use to and at a faster pace. Going up against Jackson’s own brand of witty repartee, it is an interesting matchup. Jackson as dad Vic has his own backstory to tell but first cat-Dad has to get past a very stubborn son. Hoult as Jon is a loving pet-dad who endures more than most pet owners would but he wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Waddingham as Jinx is a total package, think the Siamese cats from ARTISOCATS but in the same fluffy English accented body and you have Jinx. She has a score to settle and Waddingham gets the chance to vocalize it. Rhames as Otto is the strong silent type, for a hot second, and when he finds a reason to shout orders – then the big bull comes out totally.

Goldstein as Roland and Yang as Nolan are Jinx’s henchmen who seem to enjoy their work. What they have going for them is that size doesn’t always play a factor in their scheme of things. Strong as Marge is dedicated to her job and has the set up to prove it. She is tough, smart, quick and isn’t about to let a bunch of animals get the better of her.

Total shout out to Guillen as Odie because, let’s face it, he stole the entire film. Of course, he satisfies every whim his buddy Garfield wants and he seems to know what Garfield needs before he needs it – a true friend. He had me laughing and recognizing that he is the smartest “person” in the film for sure.

Other cast include Dev Joshi as Liz, Luke White as Vito, Alicia Turrell as Ethel, Janelle James as Olivia and Snoop Dogg as the blue Maine Coon.

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So let me get this out of the way, THE GARFIELD MOVIE is different from its previous makings. My favorite is the 2004 version GARFIELD: The Movie because Garfield is voiced by Bill Murray who had the right voice for it, attitude and twisted humor. It is also the version that sent my granddaughter into fits of giggles – two of my favorite things.

The film is full of action, fun, laughs and charm which is important for parents who are looking for entertainment that kids can enjoy. Garfield is the most recognizable cat and is the creation of Jim Davis. He began publishing the comic strip in 1976 and went nationwide in 1978.

As families look for something to do Memorial Day weekend, this is a charming film for the entire family. Grab a big tub of popcorn, sit back, relax and giggle along with the kids for a good time. That’s what an awesome family experience at the movies should be and our furry friends are happy to provide it.

In the end – he gets bigger!



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