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This week on Bluray, DVD and Digital from writer/director Guy Ritchie and Universal Pictures Home Entertainment comes the story of a different kind of shill game with THE GENTLEMEN.

Fletcher (Hugh Grant) has decided he wants to tell Ray (Charlie Hunnam) a story. It’s quite a detailed story about a man named Michael Pearson (Matthew McConaughey) who learned early in life that the way to grow a bank account is by growing marijuana on several estates in London. Married to the lovely Rosalind (Michelle Dockery), the couple become part of the elite in the social circles.

Deciding it might be time to leave the game, Pearson meets with Matthew (Jeremy Strong) who is interested in purchasing the business for a large sum of money. Things are going well until a group of kids raid one of the farms. Pearson sends Ray to investigate who is responsible which leads him to the Coach (Colin Farrell) and a group of his boxing boys.

Coach helps Ray find Dry Eye (Henry Golding) who is linked with Lord George (Tom Wu) believing there is a connection. In the meantime, Pearson is trying to finish the deal with Matthew, but Matthew has decided that with the recent hit that the business may not be worth it.

While wife Rosalind is trying to keep her own business together, she lets her husband know that no one is going to get in their way. Yet Fletcher is a distraction who has a story he wants to either sell to Hollywood for big bucks or get a payday from Pearson, he doesn’t mind either way.

Are you confused? Well, let’s just say that nothing is as it seems, and everything is as it seems and run with that!

McConaughey as Pearson is charming, well spoken and doesn’t lose his cool in the midst of reasons to lose his cool. He comes to the edge of it a few times but still manages to remain – gentlemanly. I love when McConaughey gets a chance to be this cool because he does so with such ease that it made me laugh on a few occasions.

Hunnam as Ray is equally a cool customer and Pearson’s right-hand man. Trusted and informed about the business, he is willing to hear what Fletcher has to say about what he thinks he knows. Their conversation is filled with colorful language, yet it is in those conversations that everything becomes clear. It’s good to see Hunnam back on the screen and this role is so suited for him.

Grant as Fletcher is a sleazy journalist that is looking for a big pay day. He doesn’t care who pays him as long as someone pays him. Telling Ray the story, Fletcher feels that this situation has the biggest chance of a payout – plus a wagyu steak. It is clear that Grant had a good time playing this role but then again, I would have too. It’s a great character!

Dockery as Rosalind is charming, endearing, beautiful and if that isn’t enough – very, very smart. She stands behind her husband not because she’s a woman but because she’s a businesswoman in all aspects. It must be said that Dockery gave chic a whole new and stunning look. Strong as Matthew jumps into the business proposition given to him by Pearson. Seeing what it could do for his own business, he does his homework.

Golding as Dry Eye is a gangster who wants to rid himself of anyone who doesn’t see things his way. Not afraid to take everybody on, Golding gets the chance to shed his romantic/thriller roles and embrace his badass side from start to finish.

Farrell as Coach just wins me in this film. He is engaging, a respectful gentleman and with that said, just as gangster as any of the others wearing a fine suit! I just loved every minute he was on the screen because, like Pearson and maybe even more so, he kept his cool at all times. A killer combination and winning role for Farrell.

Other cast include Lyne Renee as Jackie, Chidi Ajufo as Bunny, Simon Barker as Frazier, Jason Wong as Phuc, John Dagleish as Hammy, Lily Frazer as Lisa, Gershwyn Eustache Jr. as Roger, Samuel West as Lord Pressfield, Geraldine Somerville as Lady Pressfield, Eliot Sumner as Laura, Franz Drameh as Benny, James Warren as Jim, Sean Sagar as Mal, Bugzy Malone as Ernie, Tom Harries as Power, Danny Griffin as Aslan, Ashley McGuire as Maureen, George Asprey as Lord Snowball and Eddie Marsan as Big Dave.

Universal Pictures Home Entertainment has just added an amazing film to their library and making it available for us to all experience and re-experience in our own home theaters. There are films of every genre available from scary to drama to family films. For more of what they have to offer please visit

The Bluray includes the Bonus Features of Behind the Scenes of THE GENTLEMEN: Get up close with the talented cast of THE GENTLEMEN as they give an inside look at the making of the film and share their experiences working with legendary directory Guy Ritchie, Best Gentlemanly Quips: A selection of some of the funniest lines from THE GENTLEMEN that spotlights the witty writing behind the film, Glossary of Cannabis: Viewers are given a fun educational montage highlighting the numerous nicknames of Marijuana shown throughout the film, Photo Gallery.

THE GENTLEMEN is nothing short of brilliant and so much fun to watch. You almost need a score card to keep up which makes this film all the more fun. Yes, it is filled with action which comes in always at just the right moment but also so very much more.

I found myself jaw dropping, laughing, yelling “I knew it!”, clapping, laughing some more. The cast is responsible for so much of this. They each brought their best to the table and I couldn’t help but thing they had a good time making this film.

Keeping the film’s story line in generalities is important because I want each person to unravel it all on their own. We are all in a stressful time right now, but THE GENTLEMEN is such a marvelous distraction from all of that. That’s what a good film does, distract us with such a good yarn that all else gets pushed aside, even if for only a little while.

This is definetly a film for the adults as the colorful language gets sassy and salty at times, oh who am I kidding, it’s in the film from start to finish. So be aware and wait for the kiddies to go to bed if they happen to be around.

THE GENTLEMEN is a story of what money can do to those who have it and those who want it.

In the end – criminals with class!



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