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Coming to 4K Ultra HD and Bluray from director Tim Burton and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment comes a tale that is one BIG FISH.

Will (Billy Crudup) has spent his life listening to his father Edward’s (Albert Finney) stories about his life. Finally letting Dad know how he felt about it, there happened a rift between the two. Years later, Will receives a telephone call from Mom Sandra (Jessica Lange) telling him that Edward is ill. Packing up young pregnant wife Josephine (Marion Cotillard), he finally goes home.

Once there, it is Josephine that gets to hear the story’s that Will has no interest in. Recounting the young days of Edward’s (Ewan McGregor) life, meeting the love of his life and having a family, Josephine thinks the stories are so charming. One afternoon Sandra takes Will into the garage where he discovers that perhaps the stories his Dad was telling him could possibly have truth to them.

Beginning with Jenny (Helena Bonham) the town Witch who had another story to tell Will.

Crudup as Will is a man who is at his end with the stories his father tells. As he gets older, so does the innocence he once held toward those stories. It is only when his father becomes ill does he take the time to learn to understand the man who became his father. Crudup’s character attempts to play along but in fact he is dealing with who his father truly is and Crudup does it amazingly well.

Finney as Edward who is the elder Dad is absolutely lovely in every way. When he tells his part of the story it is with such detail and excitement in his voice. Watching the relationship between the elder Edward and Will can be a bit of heartbreaking because of the rift that they are trying to pretend did not happen.

McGregor as the younger Edward is optimistic, full of life, has amazing friendships and is laser focused on the one thing he loves in life – Sandra. Watching him go through everything just to be with her and making her life a good one is what Will seems to not be grasping. McGregor’s Edward just loves everything about life and even when there is a down time or two, he finds a way turn a frown upside down.

Lange as Sandra is gentle and loves the life they have created together. She lets him have his whimsical moments and actually cherishes them and I love that about her character. Bonham as Jenny also has a story to tell, and it certainly is just as charming as any story Edward has told. Cotillard as a pregnant Josephine delights in Edward’s stories even if Will keeps rolling his eyes. It is as if Edward has one more chance to make sure that the stories and memories are stored with someone who will tell them again and again.

Other cast include Alison Lohman as young Sandra, Robert Guillaume as Dr. Bennett, Missi Pyle as Mildred, Matthew McGrory as Karl the Giant, David Denman as Don Price, Loudon Wainwright as Beamen, Ada and Arlene Tai as Ping and Jing, Steve Buscemi as Norther Winslow, Danny DeVito as Amos Calloway, and Deep Roy as Mr. Soggybottom.

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Bonus Materials of BIG FISH include Newly Remastered in 4K Resolution from the Original Camera Negative with HDR10 and All New Dolby Atmos Audio and Original Theatrical 5.1 Ratio. On Bluray there is Feature presentation in HD Sourced From the New 4K Master, Tim Burton Audio Commentary Moderated by Mark Salisbury, The Character’s Journey: Edward Bloom At Large, Amos athe Circus & Fathers and Sons, The Filmmaker’s Path: Tim Burton: Storyteller, A Fairytale World, Creature Features and The Author’s Journey, Original Cast Interviews & Behind The Scenes, Easter Eggs and Theatrical Trailer.  

BIG FISH is an epic story with a cast that can never be duplicated ever again. Each character has a unique story to tell with Edward being the catalyst for them all. It is a film about the life we look back on, the adventures we love to remember, those who are part of those memories, what the truth is and what we chose to believe in the end.

All of those things are so glorious in their ways and it makes every moment of the film so lovely. There is humor, friendship, family, love and discovering the connection that was never really lost, only momentarily forgotten. Truth be told, I have watched this film again and again over the years and I am just as moved every time I see it.

BIG FISH if a film that only gets better with time and eighteen years later the truth of it all is that when you move away everything else – there is love.

In the end – it is the story of his life!



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