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In theatres today from directors Aaron Horvath, Michael Jelenic, Pierre Leduc, Nintendo, Illumination and Universal Pictures is the iconic THE SUPER MARIO BROS MOVIE.

Mario (Chris Pratt) and Luigi (Charlie Day) have started their own business in Brooklyn but everyone seems to think they aren’t capable of making a success of it. When Mario sees that the city water main is broken, he sees this as an opportunity of a lifetime!

Discovering a tunnel of tubes, Luigi looks inside and disappears and when Mario goes into the tube he is sucked in as well. They try to hang on but both go different ways. Mario lands in the Mushroom Kingdom and met by Toad (Keegan-Michael Key) and Luigi ends up in the Dark Lands.

Quickly captured and taken to their leader Bowser (Jack Black), he learns where Mario is and what Bowsers evil-love-laid plans are for Princess Peach (Anya Taylor-Joy). In the meantime, Mario meets Princess Peach explaining that he needs to rescue his brother. She reluctantly agrees but also needs to save the Mushroom Kingdom from a Bowser takeover.

Knowing they need help; they go to King Cranky Kong (Fred Armisen) of the Jungle Kingdom. To get help, Mario must tackle Donkey Kong (Seth Rogen) and all too soon, Bowser arrives with his own army! Now, the battle to save the Mushroom Kingdom, as well as all the Kingdoms, and bringing brothers back together are intertwined and its on – well, you know, like Donkey Kong!

Pratt as Mario gets a chance to play one of the most iconic Nintendo characters and does so as only Pratt can. He takes us all away into the Mario character completely making it easy to forget whose voice you are hearing. Don’t worry, the voice change is all explained and then it’s off to the adventure and it certainly seems like Pratt had a good time because, well, everyone in the theatre certainly did.

Day as Luigi is the brother who goes along to get along and it is clear he loves being with his brother. A little more apprehensive and slightly less adventuresome than Mario, Day still gives us a character that would do anything for family. He is loveable and enjoyable which is how we have always seen him.

Taylor-Joy as Princess Peach is perfection. She is exactly what I believed she should sound like. She is strong, caring, compassionate and yet won’t hesitate to get in the middle of the action and show her stuff. Taylor-Joy gives us a powerful Princess Peach and the vocal performance is worth every moment the animated character is on screen.

Black as Bowser, I mean what can you say. He has always been known to take on different characters but as Bowser he is, oddly, strange, evil but with a soft spot of love that can be destroyed in a millisecond. Bowser made us laugh, shout and even ‘awwwwwwww’ for a few seconds mixed in with giggles. He is strong, he is loud and Black gave us a fantastic Bowser.

Rogen as Donkey Kong is absolutely fantastic. As a fan of that particular video game, he gave me everything in this vocal performance. I laughed, cheered, loved his comebacks and one liners (that will be added to our families film lines) and heart of friendship. Rogen gave all of that and I the next time I play Donkey Kong I’m going to hear him.

Key as Toad is fun, protective and has a heart full of courage. Wanting to be a part of protecting the Mushroom Kingdom, he just has no fear, not to mention how cute he is. Armisen as King Cranky Kong is a laid back but entertaining from start to finish.

Shout out to Jelenic as the blue Lumalee for the existential view of the film’s situations that totally cracked me up and to the penguins for their bravery and charm.  

Other cast include Charles Martinet as Mario/Luigi’s father, Khary Payton as the Penguin King, Jessica DiCicco as the brothers Mom, John DiMaggio as Uncle Arthur, Eric Bauza as the Tod General, Juliet Jelenic as the blue Lumalee, Sebastian Maniscalco as Foreman Spike, Kevin Richardson as Kamek.

Universal Pictures Home Entertainment has just added an amazing film to their library and making it available for us to all experience and re-experience in our own home theaters. There are films of every genre available from scary to drama to family films. For more of what they have to offer please visit

Illumination, founded by Chris Meledandri in 2007, is one of the industry’s leading producers of event animated films. Bringing the DESPICABLE ME franchise, to include Minions, features some of the world’s most renowned talent. To read more please visit

THE SUPER MARIO BROS MOVIE is a film that everyone who loved/loves the Nintendo video games to see this weekend. Almost every iconic thing that is in the games has come to life and what would be expected. Illumination did not try to reinvent the wheel but instead is giving fans what they crave.

I absolutely love that nothing was out of place but instead brought to life in such a way that going on this ride is going to happen again and again. My family and I weren’t out of the film five minutes before my granddaughter, da Kid, asked excitedly, ‘can we go see it again right now?’ The answer is clearly going to be ‘yes!’ because, even at my age, want to see it again.

The film is colorful, vibrant and fun, with a storyline that clearly comes from the game (thank you writer Matthew Fogel, you have my heart!). The characters are iconic but also seeing the way they are brought to the screen is absolutely thrilling.

On a personal note, what a joy it was for me to see this film with my daughter and granddaughter. Nintendo has been a part of our lives since the first little gray box sat on our television. When da Kid was about four or five I introduced her to video games (I know, a grandma doing that – whaaaaaaaaaat?), and I taught her how to play the original Mario Bros.

Now we play Mario Kart 8 on her Nintendo Switch – if that isn’t love through the generations, I don’t know what is. What am I getting to? Well, just this, get your generational family together and hit the theatres this Easter weekend. Enjoy watching icons come to life in a way that is endearing, fun, exciting so that when everyone walks out, the joy is still on all faces.

In the end – let’s-a gooooooo!



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