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Coming to Bluray from writer/director Frant Gwo and Well Go USA is the intense story of our world when looking for THE WANDERING EARTH II.

The United Earth Government is put together when they discover the Earth is being threatened by our own sun. It is continuing to expand and the only way to save mankind is to literally move the planet. The idea is to build over ten thousand fusion engines and push the Earth to a safer place. At the same time, the Lunar Exile Project wants to push the Moon away from the Earth.

UEG decides that to continue humanity, they would create mind technologies that will allow a person to be digitally uploaded. This doesn’t sit well with people and protests begin to occur. When a terrorist attack happens hitting the place where the engines are being constructed, the fighting begins between trying to save the planet and the people trying to survive. Liu Peiqiang (Wu Jing) is able to help but not in time for the Ark Space station to be destroyed.

When countries decide to stop with the program, China attempts to finish the engines. Tu Hengyu (Andy Lau) is brought out of hibernation and has the new computer that will test the Lunar engine. He also has his daughter Yaya on a hard drive having loaded her consciousness before leaving Earth. On Earth, over the next fourteen years, the engines are built while shelters are built for Earth’s citizens. Liu Peiqiang marries fellow astronaut Han Duoduo (Wang Zhi) and the project is renamed Wandering Earth Project.

The solar radiation is out of control as the sun becomes more and more dangerous. Peiqiang wants to help rebuild the Navigator ISS. The UEG knows it must detonate nuclear weapons on the moon’s Campanus Crater and after doing so realizes that the engines on Earth are not ready to move the planet. Tu Hengyu is called upon to get things back on track or the moon’s debris will destroy the earth before it can move towards Jupiter.

It is a change that will last generation after generation!

Jing as Peiqiang is a man pushed to his technological and emotional limits. He knows what is happening around him and makes it his goal to volunteer to help. Of course, he does this for his own personal reasons as well. Jing gives us a character that is dedicated to his job but also shows his emotions and the reasons for them.

Lau as Tu Hengyu is a man with a history that involves his young daughter and technology. They are intertwined together and it is up to him to find out how to correct the mistakes that have been made. When he does, it is absolutely everything. Lau takes his character from start to finish and doesn’t let off the gas once. Well done!

Cast include Li Xuejian as Zhou Zhezhi, Sha Yi as Zhang Peng, Ning Li as Ma Zhao, Zhu Yanmanzi as Hao Ziaoxi, Khalid Ghanem as Tower Commander, Andy Friend as Mike, Vitalli Makarychev as Andre Graschnov, Clara Lee as Tony Nicholson and Daniela Dassy as the Brazilian astronaut.

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THE WANDERING EARTH II is an eye full coming in at 174 minutes but don’t let that shy you away. It is a feast for the senses filled with excitement, tension, suspense, and CGI that is nothing short of stellar on every level. From the space crafts to the planets themselves, the pictures are crisp and full of color (even if that color is moon gray).

The cast gives it their all with a script that pops back and forth between what has happened to what is going to happen and each character goes in full force. There are stories here that are filled with emotion because once people realize the world is on the verge of ending, high emotions come into play as decisions about family must be made.

It is such a large cast and they should all be congratulated for bringing such an epic story to the screen. Surrounded by so much in the way of special effects, it does not stop their performances from coming across strongly. What an amazing project to be part of and they should all be very proud of what they accomplished.

THE WANDERING EARTH II is an epic space journey of man and the solar system so prepare for disaster to happen!

In the end – their goal is to save the earth!



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