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Currently streaming on Apple TV+ from directors Jun Falkenstein, Amber Hollinger, Roy Burdine and Gary Hartle is a friendship with STILLWATER.  

Karl (voiced by Judah Mackey), Abby (Eva Binder) and Michael (Tucker chandler) are sister and brothers who spend their days looking and creating adventures. Living next door is Stillwater, a panda (voiced by James Sie) who enjoys their children’s company.

The youngest Karl wants to fly into space and begins building a rocket. Michael and Abby are not very supportive, and it hurts Karl’s feelings. Stillwater takes the time to listen to Karl and because of that, Abby and Michael are in for a big surprise.

Having a little brother can sometimes be a testing proposition as Abby finds out. Karl has taken charge of a game that she wants to play. Trying to be patient with him, Abby becomes frustrated and runs into Stillwater. Telling him the problem, it is Stillwater that offers support and perhaps another way to handle her sibling.

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Stillwater is based on Zen Shorts by Jon J. Muth. His other art works include Moonshadow by J.M. DeMatteis and Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman: The Wake. Muth is a comic artist and children’s book illustrator and studied brush calligraphy called shodo in Japan.

STILLWATER is such a charming series for children to watch with their families. The relationship between siblings is filled with believability for any family who has a household of children. There are disagreements and misunderstandings between the youngsters as they try to navigate growing up.

Their neighbor Stillwater has a beautiful garden that is, well, zen in its look and feel. It as well as Stillwater invite the children to take a moment to think about their situation and find a solution that is loving for everyone and that is worth every moment of watching.

Each episode brings 30 minutes of wonder, beauty and a calm that, especially in the last year, is a welcome treat. Listening to Stillwater’s words and huge amount of patience is a reminder of what we need to do for children who have had their lives change as well through this pandemic.

So it is time for the family to get together and get cuddly on the sofa and enjoy the creativity and the adventures with the help of STILLWATER.



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