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Coming to Bluray, DVD and Digital from writer/director M. Knight Shyamalan and Universal Pictures Home Entertainment based on the graphic novel “Sandcastle” by Frederick Peeters is the tale of OLD.

On a family vacation in what looks like paradise, Guy (Gael Garcia Bernal), Prisca (Vicky Krieps) and their two children Trent (Nolan River) and Maddox (Alexa Swinton) check in to the island resort. The children make a friend with Idlib (Kailen Jude) as they all hit the beach for sun and waves.

The resort manager tells Guy and Prisca of a special place that they may want to visit and he would be happy to arrange it. Looking forward to it, they are driven to their destination along with fellow travelers Charles (Rufus Sewell), Chrystal (Abbey Lee) and their daughter Kara (Mikaya Fisher), and couple Patricia (Nikki Amuka-Bird) and Jarin (Ken Leung).

Each setting up their spot, the location is beautiful but Maddox notices someone who is already there, rapper Mid-Sized Sedan (Aaron Pierre) is off to himself. Almost immediately things begin to happen as they find someone who has drowned as Dr. Charles checks out what could have been the cause. Wanting to get help, everyone with a phone realizes there is no cell reception.

Minutes go and again the group of people are jolted by noticing that the Trent (Alex Wolff), Maddox (Thomasin McKenzie) and Kara have grown to the point that their parents are shocked. Trying to understand what is happening, the group decides it is time to go but something is keeping them on that beach – and even more shocking, aging is not the only frightening thing happening on the shocking shores.

Bernal as Guy is a man of data who does not know what to do with his emotions. Trying to keep things light on the family vacation, arriving at the secret location almost immediately messes with his data sense of common sense! Jumping from unexplainable event to the next, Bernal’s character cannot control his deer in the headlights look. Krieps as Prisca wanted the family to have one good family vacation before the adults have to come clean about their situation. Prisca only concern is her children and what the cove is doing to everyone around her.

Wolff as the aging Trent is trying to understand what is happening to him and at the same time begin to decipher how it is all possible. Dealing with understanding everything through the mind of a six-year-old, time is not on anyone’s side. McKenzie as Maddox is continually protective of her brother and even as she ages, dealing with emotions and coming to terms with adulthood is difficult enough without the effects of the cove.

Sewell as Charles is a doctor who seems to be in control of every aspect of his life and when he feels threatened, taking action is swift. As people become more and more affected, making sense of it all has an odd effect on Charles. Lee as wife Chrystal is a very attractive woman who does not mind trying to get attention from more than just her husband but as with all things – beauty fades.

Amuka-Bird as Patricia is a psychologist, but this is not exactly covered in any schooling or training she ever had. Leung as Jarin tries to help as much as possible with what he knows being a nurse but has to make a decision on how best to escape their circumstances. Pierre as Sedan can only tell the group next to nothing about what happened prior to their arrival.

Other cast include Eliza Scanlen as Kara, Embeth Davidtz as Maddox, Emun Elliott as Trent, Gustaf Hammarsten as the Resort Manager, Kathleen Chalfant as Agnes, Francesca Eastwood as Madrid, Luca Rodriguez as Trent, Mathew Shear as Sidney, Daniel Ison as Greg, Jeffrey Holsman as Mr. Brody, and M. Knight Shyamalan as the Hotel Van Driver.

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The Bonus Features include Deleted Scenes and Go Behind the Scenes with M. Night Shyamalan with Four Featurettes.

OLD is an interesting mix of fantasy, a bit of horror, spotty acting and a story of losing control in a situation controlled by what is around them. The ensemble cast each brings their own story that comes in fast and furious as it all weaves in through the entire film. Keeping it strictly in one location allows for keeping tabs on each character and with the flip of the camera angle the change happens right before our eyes.

What makes Shyamalan’s films work is that we cannot help but see what madness he will create film after film. Knowing his films are not for everyone, it certainly does not stop him from embracing some far-fetched, yet eerily simple plots based on the graphic novel. There are strokes of genius in the film and then it seems to revert back to a bit of predictability, yet I still watch every single second.

OLD is a good yarn to tell and if you are looking for a bit of fun and twists on a Friday night, pull up the sofa and get the popcorn ready because this film is right up the shoreline for you.

In the end – it is only a matter of time.



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