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Coming to Bluray from director Mikael Marcimain and Universal Pictures Home Entertainment is the thriller of being upon on the HORIZON LINE.

Sara (Allison Williams) has come to be part of bestie Pascale’s (Pearl Mackie) wedding. She didn’t expect to run into ex-boyfriend Jackson (Alexander Dreymon) and it does not take much for them to spend time together. Waking up the next morning, Sara is having a problem dealing with it and runs off to the airport to get to the wedding.

Asking for a plane ride from dear friend Freddy Wyman (Keith David), she is surprised to also see Jackson again realizing he too is getting a lift on the plane. Taking off, Freddy tells Sara how much he misses having her around and asks that she take the wheel like old times. Knowing her pleas not to would go unheard, Sara takes the controls at just the right time.

Freddy becomes ill and can no longer fly the plane. Jackson tries to help but its clear that it is something she will have to do on her own. What is ahead of them is nothing but a vast ocean, an ugly storm and time ticking away before they run out of fuel.

It is time to get creative!

Williams as Sara is a young woman who made the decision to leave her relationship to find a life. Unfortunately, ex-boyfriend Jackson decided that his life was more important and let Sara go. Now in the same place once again, those issues sit in the back of the plane when Sara must remember what she learned about flying and hope they survive.

Dreymon as Jackson is dealing with his emotions once he sees Sara and decides its better if he just keeps his distance. That is easier said than done when its time to help Sara stay in contact with the only person on the radio they can find and get brave when it comes time to go outside the plane – while in the air!

David as Freddy is a dear friend to both Sara and Jackson, sharing with her his feelings about the last time they flew together, who knew it would be everything. David always plays such unique characters and in this film, he is more laid back with a sense of humor till the end.

Other cast include Jumayn Hunter as Samuel, Amanda Khan as Nadia, Anouchka Massoudy as Theresa, Kate Shepherd as Leah and Daisy Tong as Grace.

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The Bonus Features include Deleted Scenes.

HORIZON LINE is the kind of film that everything that could possibly go wrong does go wrong and it gives me even more anxiety about small planes (not that big planes are any comfort either actually). This is a film that takes place mainly inside a small plane and those are the angles the director must work with. It is a very tight space in that plane, yet you can feel the wind everywhere around the center of it all.

There are a few scenes that are absolutely crazy in what this couple must do to keep the plane in the air. Of course, it is not as if they have a choice, especially if they want to survive. This story is about all the creative things that can keep the plane in the air and a few mistakes that the duo did making their flight even more dangerous.

HORIZON LINE is an action film that has an ending that keeps the viewer guessing. The story is creative making sure we all do not get comfortable until the director says we can!

In the end – it is fly or die!



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