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Coming to DVD from writer/director Stephen Shimek and Lionsgate is the story of a family and the GUARDIANS OF TIME.

Alex (Ava Torres), Sybil (Samantha Ryan), Zoey (Carley Colemon) and Theo (Nia Salaam) are good friends. When Alex and Sybils parents go out of town, they are left with Papa Nickolaou (David Fletcher-Hall) who is a bit out of the ordinary. Soon enough, the girls discover a passage in their home they did not previously know about.

Entering the door, they four girls find themselves in a strange land and the only way out is to find the pieces of a crystals to make a key that need to be assembled. They meet Agot (voiced by Nicolas Greco) who tells them what is happening and what they must do. When they are chased by creatures of all types and separated, Agot becomes wounded and the only thing that will save her is a visit to Greya (Katherine Bellantone).

Theo, Sybil and Zoey meet with Panfelos (Michael Nguyen) who refer to them as the Warriors Four and tells them brief history of where they are. He believes these girls are the warriors they have been waiting for as the Guardians of Time. Back on a very tall mountain, Agot and Alex look for Greya who helps cure the small creature. At the same time, she tells Alex her story.

Before taking the girls where they need to go, Panfelos gives them a bit of training to create things that will help them on their way. Alex becomes friends with Greya who shows her some of the magic Kyros. When reaching the temple, Agot tells Alex that he can not enter, that only a Guardian of Time may do so as she retrieves the Crystal of Kronoception.

Sybil, Theo and Zoey find a temple of their own and enter together to find their crystal. Also, each of the girls are discovering their individual special powers which could help them along the way. Now, they need shelter to hide from the darkness, a Hooded figure (Jonathan Dale Moore) and Deimos (Drew Pollock).

But is it the danger closest to them, memories resurface and that could either help them get home or trap them forever.

Ryan as Sybil is a young woman who wants to protect her young sister and friends from the unknown. As she becomes more and more aware of what is happening, Ryan brings her character strength and love them all. Although she may be seen as the leader, Ryan gives Sybil an equal place in the group of four.

Torres as Alex is so sweet but is very insecure about how she is small and unable to keep up with her big sister and friends. Coming to the other world, Torres brings Alex self-awareness and acceptance that it is not status that shows who you are but the size of your heart. She is so charming from beginning to end.

Coleman as Zoey finds her power and learns to give it its proper place. Instead of letting it take over and frighten her, she embraces and uses it to help them all. Coleman is intelligent and that brings her power into such wonderful focus.

Salaam as Theo has such a wonderful power to be able to stop time and allow the group to not only figure things out but keep those that would hurt them at bay. Sometimes a little extra time is all you need to set things right. Salaam shows her strength in this performance.

Bellantone as Freya is living in a castle and waiting for her own world to change. She is not beneath using anything around her to do it. Bellantone is straight faced and gives nothing away until it is time to do so and that is everything in her performance. Plus, she has a little secret of her own.

Nguyen as Panfelos help the girls when they are being attacked by creatures. He tells them the story of the Guardians and even helps them find their powers. Nguyen portrays his character with a history the girls need to know and yet, is helpfulness is either a good thing or bad. This young actor gives nothing away until he has to.

Greco voicing the character of Agot sets us for a surprise. Pollock as Diemos has a history and wants what the girls have but then again, all power hunger characters usually do!

Other cast includes Katie Burgess as adult Alex, Natalie Daniels as Alyssa, Jason Schwink as Jason and Harper Heath as young Sybil  

Lionsgate is a global leader in motion picture production and distribution for theatres, television, home entertainment and more. Theatre franchises include THE HUNGER GAMES, and DIVERGENT along with JOHN WICK. Now, adding this film to its 16,000-motion picture and television titles you can see everything coming soon as well as available now at

GUARDIANS OF TIME is a charming adventure that the whole family can enjoy. It is twists, turns, creatures, mythical places of course, yet there is so much more for this film. It is about family, loyalty, love, friendship, secrets, mystery, good guys, bad guys and a key that holds it all!

The girls each are given a special power but, in reality, they hold their own keys. Each has something they are not sure about themselves, especially Alex, but they learn along the way that with family and friends support and encouragement – anything is possible. Isn’t that what makes a good adventure? I think so.

In the end – it only takes a second to become a hero!



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