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Coming to EPIX and on Digital from Paramount Home Entertainment and directors Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo is a story of what they find in THE DEEP HOUSE.

Ben (James Jagger) and Tina (Camille Rowe) are social media influencers who share their adventures with viewers on the internet. Going through France, they are looking for the story of an underwater house only to discover what where they thought it should be is now an recreation area.

Trying to figure out what to do next, Ben meets a local who knows what they are looking for and agrees to take them. Driving further and further away, the last few miles they go together on foot carrying their gear. Ben and Tina are so surprised to see a vast lake before them as the local tells them to go straight down and they will find a house totally intact.

Excited, they put on their gear and prepare their underwater drone and dive right in. Making sure everything works, they head down deep into the water talking about how their viewers are going to be thrilled about their adventure.

Finding the house, nothing seemed to be worn down by water damage and Tina points it out to Ben. Going from room to room they discover older recording equipment, dolls and a deep secret that is going to keep them investigating to find the answers.

Jagger as Ben is clearly only thinking about the ratings of his social media viewers. He wanted to find the underwater house and be the first to investigate it. Disappointed at first, he is reinvigorated when the local takes them to another location. Pushing the dive further and further, Tina wants to go but Jagger believes that the mystery will thrill viewers.

Rowe as Tina has been preparing for the dive in her own way. Enjoying the road trip, she does not seem to mind it when they do not initially find the underwater house. Happy to be lying on the beach and relaxing, she agrees to go with Ben to the next location. I sided with Rowe’s character from the get go – how very cool that a house is under the water but send in the drone and stay outside of it. Every time Row’s character had an objection, I yelled, “Listen to Tina!”

Other cast include Eric Savin as Pierre, Alexis Servaes as Mister Montegnac, Anne Claessens as Madam Montegnac and Caroline Massey as Sarah Montegnac.

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THE DEEP HOUSE is an interesting look at a film that is 95% under water. That adds a crazy element of creepiness because it is dark and murky. Every corner they turn there is something floating by that adds to the mystery or something in the shadows that look far away. The depth perception is as muddled as the water.

As the story unfolds and comes to light, the Ben and Tina are still under the water with the oxygen tank clock ticking as the house begins to turn on them (ergo why I was screaming, “that’s what the drone was for!”). It is now the house against the humans and what Ben and Tina discover is that the house has a reason for wanting them.

In the end – even death may die!



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