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Coming to Bluray from director Cecilie A. Mosli and Shout! Studios comes a snowy tale of love and a crown with THREE WISHES FOR CINDERELLA.

Cinderella (Astrid S.) is a young woman living a life under the thumb of step-mother and step-sister Dora that have no love for her. Consisting telling her she is nothing and a mere servant, Cinderella finds solace roaming the wide-open space of the snow and trees. Under one tree are the graves of her mother and father.

One day the king and queen are visiting her step-mother so the prince can meet Dora since it is known he is looking for a wife, Cinderella goes riding. She sees a horse on the road and discovers its rider hunting. What she would learn is that it is none other than the Prince (Cengiz Al). There is something instant between them!

But she runs home without telling him her name and in time to see the king and queen departing, leaving an invitation to a ball being held for the prince. Making it clear that Cinderella would not be attending, she decides to use magic acorns and a ring to change her fate.

Finding the Prince at the ball, the dance across the floor leads her closer to step-mother so Cinderella knows she must go. But this is love and the Prince will not be denied!

Astrid S. is charming as Cinderella and lets the character be who we all believe her to be. A young woman in a situation not of her making yet she is kind to people and animals. She just wants to be loved for who she is and that makes her character relatable. Astrid S. gives Cinderella fun, adventure and a strength to be exactly who she is – a wonderful young lady.

Cengiz Al as the Prince wants to hunt, hang out with his friends and stop being bothered by his father to get married. He wants to roam and enjoy life, but when he meets Cinderella, his view begins to change. Oh, he still wants to hunt and roam, but now he wants to do it with the girl he can not seem to find. Love finds him and he is not about to let it go.

Other cast include Ellen Petersen as Stemoren, Thorbjorn Harr as Kongen, Nils Kaalstad as Privatlaerer, Bjorn Sundquist as Alfred, Nader Khademi as Baron Snauser, Anne Jacobsen as Rosa, Jonis Josef as Herolden, Arthur Hakalahti as Sami, Ingrid Giaever as Stesoster, Toivo Terjesen as Ola, Nasrin Khusrawi as Dronningen and Kristofer Hivju as Skammeltjener.

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THREE WISHES FOR CINDERELLA is written by Anna Bache-Wiig, Karsten Flullu and Kamilla Krosgsveen.

This film is a wonderful version of a tale that has become a beloved classic all over the world. Set in the snowy hills and forests of Norway, it adds to the charm and nostalgia of a time long gone. The thing is, the story fits beautifully in the setting created by director Mosli. Everything we have all come to love about the story is here.

There is a dreamy and ethereal quality to this Cinderella story and my family enjoyed it so much. Gather your own family and spend quality time searching for love and believing in the power of self-acceptance.

In the end – a wish is only the beginning!



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