The sound of birds chirping, bright sunshine streaming through your window, waking you peacefully before your alarm clock goes off – there’s nothing quite like waking up, feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day.

According to a recent survey by Wakefield Research, 86 percent of Americans say that when they start the day well, it positively affects the rest of their day. So what can you do to help ensure all your mornings begin great? You can start by thinking about what brings you joy and ways to incorporate these things into your morning routine.

Please your senses

Even subtle things in our environment have a way of influencing our daily routine. Think about the aromas that promote good feelings in the morning. If the smell of fresh coffee helps you get out of bed, consider a programmable coffeemaker that will allow the scent of java to fill your home just as you wake up.

For many, the smell of fresh clothes is an important part of feeling good when getting ready to start the day. Choosing a laundry detergent and fabric softener with a long-lasting fragrance can help kick-start your morning and keep the positive feelings going well into your day. For example, Gain with FreshLock is designed to release its scent from fabrics the moment you get dressed – so you will get that great scent as you put on your clothes in the morning.

Sounds can also help you start things off right. To get a jolt of energy, create a power playlist that will help you conquer the morning commute. Or, if it’s the calming sound of nature that puts you in a good place, crack open a window so you can listen to the sound of nature while you get ready.

Develop a morning routine

Pay special attention to what makes you feel energized to take on the day and develop a morning routine around these things.

Start by training your body to wake up at the same time each day. Grabbing a few extra minutes of sleep by hitting the snooze button may seem appealing at first but rising at the same time each day can actually help you get more rest and make for a better morning.

If you are anxious about fitting everything into your morning routine, consider getting some of your chores out of the way before you go to bed. Packing your lunch at night may allow you to wake up stress free and take greater joy in other parts of your morning routine, from getting out of bed to getting dressed for the day.

Everyone has their secrets for creating the perfect morning, and the important thing is to figure out what works best for you.  For more information about Gain and how it’s long-lasting scent can help start your morning off right,  check out Gain’s Facebook page or visit



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