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Currently in theatres from directors Kristina Buozyte, Bruno Samper and IFC Films is the futuristic look at our world with VESPER.

Vesper (Raffiella Chapman) is a very young girl living in the future that has such little hope. Humanity has ruined the earth as viruses and organisms have wiped out plants, animals and human beings as well. Scavenging for something to eat before a minute-by-minute existence. Living outside of the places called ‘citadels’, medical treatments are unheard of and seeds are traded with the oligarchy who live in the enclosed cities.

Vesper’s father Darius (Richard Brake) is hooked up to gadgets created by the young girl to keep him alive. Her only means of communicating with him is a floating drone that speaks what Darius is thinking. Another worry Vesper has is Jonas (Eddie Marsan), an uncle who wants to control all the kids treating them as his followers and they do what he commands and he wants Vesper.

A ship crashes close to Vesper’s home and in the wreckage, she finds Camellia (Rosy McEwen) and feels an almost instant kindship with her. She is in the same predicament in that the people of the citadel wants her captured. Vesper shares with Camellia that she may have the scientific answer to the plight of humanity.

Now, not only does Jonas want it, but those in the Citadel will destroy everything in order to get it as well.

Chapmans as Vesper gives her character so many levels of emotions. From shy and quiet, to intelligent and inventive – it is a range of everything in between. She is a survivor not only for herself, but for Darius as well and that puts a double strain on her to keep avoiding her twisted uncle. I enjoyed watching Chapmans performance because it felt done with such ease and coming from such a young actress, that is saying something. She made her own story flow within the tragedy of the entire world. So very well done.

McEwen as Camellia is also living with fear, except hers is slightly different than Vesper’s. She understands the love the young girl has for her father but Camellia also offers something Vesper has not had before – the love of someone who truly understands her. I enjoyed watching that side of their relationship grow.

Marsan as Jonas is just evil on so many levels. Turning the kids into his slaves and a personal vicious army makes Jonas ripe for something bad to happen but he always seems to just miss out. Marsan has always made playing bad guys with clean hands part of his acting repertoire as it should since he is amazing at it.

Brake as Darius is a man barely alive but for his daughter’s serious intelligence. His facial expressions are everything without ever having to say a word.

Other cast include Marijus Demiskis as Med, Markas Eimontas as Mo, Edmund Dehn as Elias, Matvej Buraykov as Boz, Titas Rukas as Beck, Markas Sagaitis as Fitz and Melanie Gaydos as Jug.

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VESPER is a dark and dreary look at the world that is slowly giving up on itself. Living in the citadel buys time but, to my way of thinking, only a little more than those surviving outside the bubble. It is the mind of this young girl, who thinks outside of the ugliness surrounding her, to find the answer.

And with that comes those who want to take what you have for themselves. Vesper is a fighter to be sure, and no one could possible see that from her. That was their first mistake. This character sees life when others have given up and have turned savage in their own attempt to survive. That is what I love about Vesper, she sees what is going on around her yet instead of falling into it, she does everything to avoid it.

This New Dark Age presented by these two directors is a tad predictable yet, and let me be clear, that’s okay with me. The story is what is captivating as the journey of this young girl takes us step by step, left and right and even a few zig zags to get to the ending. It is easy to become a Vesper cheerleader because with everything she did and could potentially do, there is that piece of us that wants her to be the one that saves the world.

In the end – one seed can change everything!



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