By Bob Zimmerman, Veteran Advocate

It seems American Leadership is failing miserably to LEAD.

The most Powerful Nation on Earth can’t control it’s Southern International Boundary with Mexico, why? Do we suffer a lack of All American Leadership in failing to uphold the Rule of Law.

The Men and Women of the U.S. Border Patrol fight an inhumane war everyday to protect and defend our homeland from a Drug Cartel Insurgency chasing after Millions of Dollars of U.S. Currency.

How many Middle East Muslim Radicals, whose facial features resemble the faces of our Mexican Neighbors, are crossing our border with terrorism in our homeland on their evil ideological minds. From Mexico, it’s Terrorism at America’s Border, courtesy of the Drug Lords. Protecting and Defending the integrity of our America is a job our Elected Leaders assure us when they raise their Right Hand and swear their Allegiance to Protect and Defend We The People from all ENEMIES FOREIGN AND OR DOMESTIC.

Our nations Defenders of Freedom in the War on Terror everyday deal with a FRIEND OR FOE, scenario, as their Brother Marines or Soldiers die from an enemy who hides behind Living Shields, Women and Children.

From the perspective of your Veteran Advocate, the above is a form of TORTURE for our Troops, it just may be a key element causing “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder”. Day after Day our Combat Veterans are exposed to horror from hell. Imagine yourself being put in a situation where your life is challenged daily. When you see photo’s of groups of our Troops with their heads bowed in Prayer asking God to protect them so they may, one day, return home to the open arms of Loved Ones.

RESPECT, seems to have been put on a back shelf by far to many Americans, even one American having a lack of RESPECT, is to many people. We The People RESPECT all Americans and their Belief, but we all must understand that we live in a country that has given it’s blessing to the Rule of Law. That blessing came as an integral part of our Founding Fathers plan to recognize God as our CREATOR.

Since The Fourth of July 1776, God has played a major role in the success of this LAND OF EXCEPTIONALISM. Our Creators recognition adorns the Walls and porticos of our U.S. Court System, National Halls of Governance, National Memorials, National Cemeteries across the world where many thousands of American Fallen Heroes are laid to rest.

Again, from the perspective of this Veteran Advocate, far to many Americans find it impossible to recognize all of the above All American Traditions. In effectuating their personal selfishness they attempt to disrupt the Good Order of our National Heritage, as we pay Homage to our CREATOR for this ONE NATION UNDER GOD.

We The People are proud of our accomplishments i.e. the founding of this great country, the place of esteem we have achieved in becoming the Leader of the Free World, The World’s 911 Center in time of Disaster, The need to respond to protect and defend the lands of our Allies, by so doing we protected our American Homeland.
By being a good neighbor America was granted the territory in the Land of our Allies to bury our Fallen Defenders of Freedom.

Each American Cemetery on Foreign Soil, is in fact, U.S. Sovereign Territory, so recognized by the display of Old Glory Waving its Red, White, and Blue Banner overseeing the resting place for American Fallen Heroes, our Defenders of Freedom for all who seek Freedom.

The Worlds Guardian The USA Peace Through Strength

God Bless America

In America We Thank Our Troops Past and Present
‘A country worth defending is a country worth preserving’
Major General Michael Lehnert USMC Retired

In God We Trust


Bob Zimmerman, Veteran Advocate aka
Bobby Z, So named by Marine Wounded Warriors



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