Be Your Everything

D’Angelos Book 2

Catherine Bybee

Montlake Pub

Nov 15th, 2022

Be Your Everything by Catherine Bybee is a romantic woman’s literature book.  Previously, she has written romantic suspense, and lucky for her readers there is plenty of romance and a little suspense, showing that suspense can never be taken out of this author. This story will also delve into family and cultural issues.

“You cannot take suspense out of this author. I do want to write more suspense. I will find a way to put something in the story. This series I had opportunities to put it in.  For this book there was on-line dating, trolling, and catfishing which led to something bad.  With romance books readers know at the end of the day the characters will be happy even if they have a rough journey. I enjoy writing books where part of the tension/conflict is something completely out of their control. I enjoy writing romantic suspense and espionage books, that has external conflict.” 

Most everyone has heard the saying “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” For Chloe D’Angelo, she so wants it to stay there until she can figure out why she married her long-time crush and her brothers’ best friend Dante Mancuso. In Vegas for her brother and sisters-in-law bachelorette/bachelor party she and Dante decide to go for a night on the town.  But they kiss, have way too much to drink, and end up at a wedding chapel where they marry. They must keep that a secret for now considering she has been labeled “off limits” by her older protective brothers.

“The attitude of the brothers is that their best friend better not have sex with their sister. They look out for their younger sister. It is fun to put the brothers in a fatherly role.  They do mean well but she looks for ways to get past their protectiveness.  Chloe also confided in Brooke, her future sister-in-law, who is older and treats her like a sister. The older sibling plays the parent role.  Dante’s sister Anna is older, and she gives advice to him.”

Chloe is conflicted and scared, and desires to dissolve the marriage, even if she did have a crush on him for a long time.  Dante wants to make a go of the marriage realizing how much he loves and respects her. They secretly begin to spend time together and realize that there is a major attraction between them.  Yet, Chloe decides to flee to Bali for some Yoga meditation and to clear her head.  Dante realizes he must find her and convince her they were always meant for each other. They must come up with a solution on how to tell their families they were married in secret without a priest, a church, and their family’s approval. 

“They were connected from the very beginning.  In their heads they are worlds apart where he sees her as his wife, and she thinks she wants an annulment. They are sneaking around, trying to hide their relationship from their families. Their relationship becomes complicated. They were childhood friends and now there is an attraction. Being married gives Dante the permission slip to date her. Chloe is very secure but is naïve. Chloe did have some freedom in her life.  She is passionate, family oriented, direct, boisterous, and funny. Dante is driven, a player, a woman magnet, caring, protective, and charming.  He is gorgeous, tall, dark, and a sexy Italian.” 

Readers will want to turn the pages to find out how Chloe and Dante resolve their problem.  But there are also other issues of the day including the dangers of on-line dating and how the expectations of the Italian culture can affect a relationship. 



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