The Military Press Newspaper Group is a civilian enterprise printing military news, entertainment and sports twice a month on or before payday. Our distribution is on military installations throughout California, with a focus on San Diego County, which has the largest concentration of military personnel and ships in the world.

The San Diego region is also home to the largest military community in the world with numerous units of the Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard calling this home for over the past 100 years. The military has sustained more than 328,000 jobs within our county and directly contributes $26.5 billion to the county’s economy. The region also benefits through the large population of retirees (47,000) and military veterans (244,000). Through the years and most recently with the downturn in the economy, the military has proven to be San Diego’s leading economic force.

The Military Press strives to provide more than just a military newspaper. We honor the military by attending special events with tons of donations for giveaways just for the active duty personnel. We participate heavily in the Military Appreciation events at Oceanside and MCAS Miramar, the annual Miramar Air Show, Veterans Parade, and more. We provide for our veteran, retired and Wounded Warrior communities by featuring articles relating to their special needs.

When we say there are 99 ways to love our military… we mean that’s all we’ve come up with so far. There’s always something more to do for our military.

Our Team

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    Richard Matz
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    Carol Williams
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    Dennis Winks
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