Don’t Keep Silent (Uncommon Justice Book 3)

Elizabeth Goddard

Revell Pub.

June 30th 2016

Don’t Keep Silent by Elizabeth Goddard is an intense suspenseful romance. The story delves into honor, forgiveness, and justice with non-stop action.  

Rae Burke is an investigative crime reporter who is asked by her brother to find her missing sister-in-law.  She realizes that Jackson Hole Wyoming is the place to look.  Knowing she needs help, Rae asks her past boyfriend, former DEA Agent, Liam McKade for assistance. But he is hesitant because of their past relationship.  Rae blew his DEA cover on an assignment, and now she needs his help again. 

“I wrote Rae who like Liam she uses her knowledge of the facts and questions a lot to find answers. She is driven because she wants to live up to her Pulitzer Prize winning father.  Now she wants to be a voice for the voiceless.  Overall, she is fearless, passionate, with some stubbornness that can be channeled into a good direction.  Her words are her weapons, where the pen is the sword. Liam is a brooding hero who seems to have lost his way.  At the age of eighteen he ran away to the military to become a Marine, but now has to deal with the past. He is driven to help people and is very much a protector.” 

What is an interesting sidebar is Rae’s niece, Callie, who happens to be a Special Needs child.  She is a bright spot that readers root for. “Callie is based on my son. A funny side story.  I originally had her name as Bliss but they asked me to change it.  The reason for the original name was that I thought of my own son and how blessed I am to have him.  I wanted to have a connection with my characters, a piece of my own life.  My child, like Callie, is considered autistic, but the opposite end of the spectrum.   Both are too friendly, wanting to hug and hold everyone.”  

The setting also plays a large role.  The beautiful imagery of the ski resort, the struggling to ski, and the snowmobile scenes.  These scenes show Wyoming’s natural beauty. 

Goddard noted, “In my books I like the setting to inspire me.  One of my favorite places is Jackson Hole Wyoming.  I spent many anniversaries there with my husband who is from that area.  I also visited there as a child.  It is beautiful when it snows.  This is why I made it a winter story. But I also used it to show the tension of the story, the coldness and the loneliness.” 

The characters are brought to life as readers go on a journey with them.  The many twists and turns will keep readers on their toes in this intricate and well-crafted plot.  



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