Circle of the Red Lily Book 1

Anna J. Stewart

Caezik Romance

Nov 15th, 2022

Exposed by Anna J. Stewart is a different genre than the author usually writes.  This is more of a mystery/thriller instead of heartwarming romance. The plot includes murder, friendship, romance, family, and secrets.

“It is much darker. I write a bunch of genres including paranormal, romance, and this mystery. It is quite different from the heartwarming and sweet romances because this plot is not sweet. Exposed is the first of five. I call it LA Confidential meets Women’s Murder Club.”

The main story centers around a historical landmark in Los Angeles – a building that was originally sort of like a rooming house for Hollywood starlets. This building called Temple House, had been turned into apartments after the studio sold it. There seems to be a connection between Temple House and young missing girls. 

“The initial seed came from watching an episode of “White Collar” where one of the characters bought an auctioned off storage unit. There was a whole bunch of photography equipment.  I thought what if there was underdeveloped film.  Riley is a photographer and collected old film that has never been developed. This throws her into danger.”

After photographer Riley Temple purchases a tin of old film from the owner, her friend, Merle, is attacked, and a local homeless man is murdered.  Riley wants to find out who is behind the attacks and is determined to go it alone because of her distrust of the police.  Unfortunately, she realizes she needs the help of Detective Quinn Burton to navigate all the information and clues. Through their investigation old secrets are revealed, putting Quinn and Riley into the crosshairs, targeted by members of a secret society that for decades has maintained influence and violent control over Los Angeles and Hollywood’s powerful elite.

This storyline has a multitude of characters.  Each of them adds a layer of mystery to the story and more suspects are added as the story progresses.



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