Nothing To Lose

J. P. Beaumont Book 25

J. A. Jance

William Morrow Pub

Feb 22nd, 2022

Nothing To Lose by J. A. Jance is a riveting story of love, murder, family, evil, and human nature. As with many of her books the author blends in humor within the plot to put smiles on the readers’ faces.

This plot continues the story of Sue Danielson’s family. Sue was J. P. Beaumont’s (Beau), Seattle PD partner who was killed by her ex-husband. Now, almost twenty years later, Jared reappears in Beau’s life seeking his help once again. Jared asks Beau to find his younger brother, Chris. The search leads to Anchorage and Homer, Alaska where a cast of characters help Beau find answers until the truth is flushed out.

“I wrote Breach of Duty eleven years ago and was curious about how the two boys were doing.  The best way for me to do this is to write a book about them.  This is the twenty-fifth Beaumont book and my fortieth anniversary with this character.  I have been longer with him than my husband, Bill. Both guys are special to me and makes me laugh.”  

Two supporting new characters enhance the plot.  Twinkle Winkleman (Twink) is not just Beau’s driver but has valuable insight and humor.  Working at the Alaska State Department of Forensic Anthropology is Professor Harriet Raines, a cigar smoking woman who enjoys her alcohol and her jokes. 

“Twinkle Winkleman made me laugh when she popped in my head and throughout the writing of the book.  I did not think she was going to be more than a driver for Beau, but she stuck around for the whole book.  She is independent, a tough Alaskan woman, direct, and gruff. On the other hand, Harriet is very different from Twinkle.  Harriet blends the past between two opposing cultures.”  

Another strong woman in the story is Beau’s wife, Mel Soames. “I let people fill in the blanks on Mel.  She is intuitive, direct, caring, and protective. This is why the case she is working on is so wrenching for her because she really does care.  She sees the tragedy from both sides. She seems to know Beau better than he knows her although he is getting better at it.  It is probably a woman thing.” 

This book once again shows why Jance has so many bestselling notches on her belt.  She makes the story and characters come alive.



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