Perils in Paris

The Royal Spyness Series Book 16

Rhys Bowen

Berkley Pub.

Nov 8th, 2022

Perils in Paris by Rhys Bowen is the “Sweet Sixteen” of these novels. Readers get to laugh with the antics of the characters, but also learn about the signs of the times.  

“Alcohol and smoking by a pregnant woman was accepted. I put in notes at the end of the book. When I had my first child my mother-in-law told me to drink plenty of beer to help the milk come in.  My mother when she was pregnant with me during WWII was told by her doctor to keep smoking to calm her nerves. Georgie was given a drink to calm her nerves in the book. When writing historical novels there is a fine line to walk. I want to write exactly as it was.”

This novel has Lady Georgiana Rannoch pregnant and deciding on a last fling before the baby is born. She can visit her friend Belinda when her husband Darcy says they are off to Paris.  She will be looking at the new fashions of Coco Chanel while he is off on his latest spy assignment. 

When Darcy realizes he cannot get a package from a German scientist’s wife, he enlists Georgie to help, since both women will be attending the fashion show.  The world is on the brink of WWII.  Unfortunately, things go horribly wrong when Georgie is a major person of interest in a murder.  It seems that the attendee she was to meet was not sitting in the seat assigned and the person sitting in the wrong seat is killed.  

To prove her innocence Georgie gets the help of real-life people, Wallis Simpson, and Coco Chanel, along with the fictional characters including Georgie’s mom.  

“Mrs. Simpson is tough as nails.  She was nice to Georgie, especially in dealing with the French inspector who is anti-aristocratic with tunnel vision.” 

What makes this book stand out is the funny dialogue, some international intrigue, and some historical facts about the Germans and the cultures of the time.



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