Shadow Target

Jake Keller Book 4

David Ricciardi

Berkley pub

June 15th, 2021

Shadow Target by David Ricciardi brings to life the patriotic hero Jake Keller. The story delves into the influences of money, power, and greed. Traitors, moles, deception, and teamwork are highlighted.

“I was asked by a reader how did the Iranians know, in the first novel, that Jake was coming in? The whole premise in the first book, Warning Light, never explained that part.”

The plot opens with a small plane crash in the Alps where only Jake survives. Jake escapes from the mountainside deathtrap, but it isn’t the only attempt on his life. He is put through the ringer, almost drowning, and having a major car accident.

“I do not like things easy for the hero.  I start him off on his back foot in all the books, where things go wrong fast.  He has to claw his way out.”

Knowing he must find those intent on killing him, his list of suspects grows. Trust comes at a high price, which has him wondering if there is a mole within the Agency that might be helping the Russians to eliminate him and some other CIA field officers.

“One of my favorite quotes in this book, ‘Leadership isn’t a reward.  It is a responsibility.’  People see leadership as an achievement or something to be gained for their own sake.  They should recognize the need to lead a team and make decisions. It is not about their agenda, but how can they support and empower those underneath them.”

Jake immediately trusts Genevieve, someone he met in the first book, Warning Light, who work for the French spy agency, DGSE.  They cared deeply for each other, but with Jake’s identity change their relationship went south.  She did not understand why he never informed her he had not died, with the only explanation that he prioritized his career over her. Now two years later he needs her help and wants to resurrect their relationship. 

“She is Jake’s superior at just about everything. Super smart, focused, dedicated, and of course being French means she has the power of love.  She can also be loyal, tenacious, and tough.  I do not want to have her and Jake in a relationship where they both are risk averse because of a family.”

The author has his hero on a quest to find the killers.  Readers get to take a journey with Jake as he and Genevieve try to eliminate the threat to him and find the traitor within.



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