The Christmas Wedding Crashers

Stop the Wedding Book 5

Amy Vastine

Harlequin Heartwarming

Nov 29th, 2022

The Christmas Wedding Crashers by Amy Vastine is a great holiday read.  People should reference the McCoy-Hatfield feud that involved two rural families.

“I wanted to show how the Haywards are considered vandals and thieves, while the Drakes were arrogant, liars, and rescinded a land plot. The Drakes are the wealthy rancher family, and the Haywards are the workers. It stemmed from the Drake great-great-grandfather who promised land for work to the Haywards. After he died the family did not follow through to give the land, making the Haywards feeling cheated. This created hard feelings throughout generations. Oliver Drake is the epitome of the arrogance who had a cushy upbringing.”

In this story two elderly people, Randall Hayward and Clarissa Drake announce their intention to get married.  The problem is that the Haywards and Drakes have a major family feud.  The Drakes come off as superior, the haves, while the Haywards are the have nots who have struggled to succeed. When the families hear about the Christmas wedding, they decide to do all in their power to break up the couple.

“The elderly couple met at the little local diner. Both lived long lives and found someone who made them happy.  They realize it is causing some drama, but they do not let it get in the way of something good.  Clarissa is very kind, gentle, and accepting.  Randall makes her feel like a Queen. He is a charmer. They enjoyed the fact that they were not the only crossovers who could see that there does not have to be this forever long family feud.” 

Great niece Holly Hayward is enlisted along with grandson Jonah Drake to have the wedding canceled. They first try to show the elders how incompatible they are with each other.  After all, Randall likes rodeo stuff, being rough and tumble, while Clarissa likes to volunteer at all the Christmas trimmings. But, instead of seeing each other as mismatched they realize each is willing to do a give and take.

“I spent one whole day brainstorming as many Christmas activities as I could, writing my own Hallmark Christmas movie. There had to be a Christmas Tree Lighting, a gingerbread contest, an ice-skating rink, and the Frontier Freeze based on the Polar Bear Plunge in Chicago. I thought of events that strongly represented Randall and other events that strongly represented Clarissa.”

Instead of succeeding at their plan, Holly and Jonah realize that they also have a lot in common and their assumptions from the high school years are unfounded.  Holly begins to see that Jonah is caring, kind, and funny, while Jonah sees that Holly is spirited, intelligent, and daring.

Although there are some scenes that are heartbreaking, most of the story will put a smile on readers’ faces.  The banter is fabulous, allowing people to take the journey with the characters.



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