The Deepest of Secrets by Kelley Armstrong is the last book in the series. The story has a mountain hideaway in the Yukon in Canada where people travel to live off the grid. Those who arrive have various reasons from wanting to live in secret, ranging from staying one step ahead of the law, their spouses, or life itself. 

A word of warning: there are very many characters in the book and if someone had not read the previous books it might be a bit confusing.  When asked about it the author commented, “I have tried with various series to have a list of casts of characters.  I suggested this.  But in this book, I now have an introduction that sets up the town.”  

Armstrong noted, “It is the last book in the series. Although a new series will come out in May, a time travel book. Rockton is a town with secrets. Average citizens realize that there are people in the town who did bad things.  It would be hard to continue once the town’s community realized it. It is made up.  It is all about what happens when others find out. Early on McCarthyism was mentioned.  The town was originally for those who needed to escape, those being persecuted. The town got its start during that time. I hope readers think how they would feel if they were in a town like this, off the grid and isolated.”

Would a person disappear from those they love to live in isolation?  Armstrong stated, 

“I am Canadian and whenever I get a chance, I try to set it here.  This remote location is perfect.  I have a place in the Yukon, so I know exactly how open and empty it is.  My place in Yukon is off the grid, which I enjoy although I do need to go to civilization every now and then.”

Because Rockton runs on secrecy with no one knowing anyone’s real identity or personal history, everything is kept secret.  Yet, secrets begin to be publicly disclosed by an unknown perpetrator.  Detective Casey Duncan and her common-in-law husband Sherriff Eric Dalton need to find the offender to stop the community from becoming divided and distrustful. To make matters worse, someone has posted a sign outing Deputy Will Anders’ secret. Duncan and Dalton realize the town is reaching its breaking point and they must find the person responsible sooner than later.

“I wanted to write both Casey and Eric as characters who have grown throughout the series. In book one she was getting by, waiting for justice to catch up with her.  Throughout the series readers see her as finding her way, finding a purpose, finding her life, being a part of the community with a partner who is also a friend. But she is still in the position where all that could go away. There is a conflict of interest for what she did in her past and her profession. She has overwhelming guilt for what she did at the age of nineteen, yet now has her dream job of being a police person. While Eric, always lived in this town so he has no legal identity, and no formal schooling.  Every person in his life was temporary.  He did not form any attachments because people would always move on after five years. Now he has more, with Casey, and those in the community who want to stay. They both are partners in every way.” 

This story has gossip, lies, fears, threats, revenge, and personal vendettas.  



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