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Coming to theatres from director Tom McGrath and DreamWorks animation is the story of two brothers who might just have to be reminded about family in BOSS BABY 2: Family Business.

Tim Templeton (James Marsden) is a grown-up family man with wife Carol (Eva Longoria) and daughters Tabitha (Ariana Greenblatt) and baby Tina (Amy Sedaris). Also, a stay-at-home Dad, he makes sure that his family is happy and filled with fun. Missing from his life is brother Theodore (Alec Baldwin) who has grown into a very rich CEO hedge fund businessman.

Recently daughter Tabitha seems to be growing apart from Dad Tim and he can not understand why. Going to the Acorn Center for Advanced Childhood run by Dr. Erin Armstrong who teaches the kids to be free thinkers. Tabitha is also preparing to take part in the school performance and does not want any help from Dad.

As the holidays approach, an unexpected visitor bursts into the Templeton home. Uncle Ted has come believing that something is wrong with Tabitha. That is when the brothers and Tina spend some alone time and they realize that she is on a mission for BabyCorp. Tina tells the brothers that they must infiltrate the Acorn Center because something is not right and to do that – that is right – they need to work together.

The brothers make a plan that turns their world upside down, but it is all done in the name of family!

Marsen as Timothy has grown up and being the father that not only loves his family but wants them to be happy in any way possible. Missing his brother, he buries that feeling and dedicates his life to Tabitha and Tina. Yet, the time has come for brothers to work together again and help BabyCorp keep their work going for all babies.

Baldwin as Ted is back with his usual amazing sarcasm, stunning wit and perfect delivery. Okay, so I am thrilled that Baldwin gets to have such a character that is so hysterically memorable with a script that gave this actor the opportunity to entertain. As the older Ted it is grand to see that some things never change – and happily so!

Sedaris as Tina makes a surprise entrance letting her father know that things have not changed much in the baby world. Getting Tim and Ted together for a mission is like trying to round up penguins on ice – difficult but not impossible. Greenblatt as Tabitha is a young girl trying to find her way. Her changes affect the relationship with her father, but Tim is not about to give up what he loves.

Let us talk Goldblum as Dr. Armstrong, first of all – I laughed so hard watching his character on the screen with the matching wit of Ted and disguised sticky sweet sarcasm. Goldblum lends his recognizable vocals to a character that has plans of his own. He has his own secret to share and once exposed, it is up to Ted and Tim to do what they do best, be brothers!

Other cast include Jimmy Kimmel as Grandpa Ted Templeton Sr. and Lisa Kudrow as Grandma Janice Templeton.

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BOSS BABY 2: Family Business is such a fun film for everyone, and I plan to watch it again and again. I love that DreamWorks makes their animated film with humor that reaches everyone. The story is about family and the disconnect that sometimes happens, but it is also wrapped up in adventure and humor with the end result of remembering who we love and why.

The film is brightly animated, fast paced and just a giggle fest from start to finish. Baldwin, Marsden and Goldblum keep us on our mental toes while Greenblatt and Sedaris give us a look at the next generation that will deal with BabyCorp. Showing us a side of a stay-at-home Dad and the pressures of a pre-teen invite us into the Templeton family and my family hopes they will come again.

Get the entire family together and see what the Templeton gang are up to bringing laughs, adventure and pure enjoyment in a time where we welcome them with open arms.

In the end – playtime is over!



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