Three Republican candidates are running against Mike Levin for the 49th Congressional district, which runs from Del Mar California to Orange County California, including Carlsbad, Oceanside, and Vista, along the California coast. The candidates are Chris Rodriguez (, Lisa Bartlett (, and Brian Maryott (  Of the three only Maryott has lowered himself to initiate dirty tricks against the other candidates.  Why? Because he is running scared.

Rodriguez and Bartlett want to concentrate on the issues and are dismayed at Maryott’s dirty tricks.  Maryott has accused Rodriguez of being sued.  The lawsuit is not in dispute, but the facts Maryott provides are very suspect.  On the campaign leaflet sent out, Maryott makes Rodriguez look like a criminal with a mug shot and claims that “the shady business deals devastated an elderly lady’s retirement.”  

Rodriguez told American Thinker, “The accusations are untrue.  There is not an elderly woman owed a large sum of money. Maryott is taking the tactics out of the Democratic playbook because he is panicking. Why? Because he is losing in the polls and a Conservative veterans’ group just announced they are spending $600,000 on my campaign. I will not stoop to Maryott’s level but will continue talking about issues and solutions.”

Maryott has also accused another opponent, Lisa Bartlett, of being corrupt in a mailed-out leaflet. He claims she is “treating taxpayers like an ATM,” and voting on contracts she had a personal interest. Bartlett told American Thinker “It is a false narrative and a smear campaign. All accusations are not true. There is no there-there. When he talks about making decisions on regional contracts, he should understand that I sit on thirteen regional boards where each board has 17 to 25 board members. I as one board member do not have the authority to give out contracts.  It is a board majority vote. He is being very disingenuous.” 

Maryott is airing these dirty trick ads against his opponents one week before the primary, right after Rodriquez overtook him for second place in the polls behind Levin in California’s open primary. It appears he thinks he should be anointed as the one to run against Levin and how dare the other candidates stay in the race. Even though his track record is poor considering Maryott ran against Levin twice and lost.

What is Maryott’s end game? Is he that desperate? Instead of spending his money on dirty tricks Maryott should be informing voters, focusing on the issues and solutions.   The accusations against Rodriguez by Maryott should remind voters of the Democratic ad in 2012 when they accused Republicans of “throwing grandma over the cliff.” While the accusations against Bartlett should remind voters of how the Democrats constantly take Republican deeds out of context such as Florida Senator Rick Scott’s comments about Social Security.

The candidates who Maryott is waging a smear campaign against say he is doing this because he cannot talk about issues. Anyone who goes to his website will see that he only speaks on broad terms. For example, regarding border security he does not mention building a wall, and regarding education he does not mention critical race theory. In addition, Maryott in a recent campaign TV ad emphasized term limits.  Today, Americans are not thinking about that, but instead what proposals would a future Congressman have to help them put food on the table, find baby formula, have safety in schools, and lower gas prices. He is very out of touch with Americans, their needs, and what is important. 

Having been a Marine who fought in the war on terror, Rodriguez wants Americans to know that he learned while serving that it is important to work as a team and criticizing gets nothing accomplished. Instead, he wants to work across the aisle to find real solutions to help Americans. 

Bartlett wants Americans to know she has a successful track record having run the 6th largest county in America.  She is the first Japanese American elected to many different positions in Orange County and at the state level as well. 

Maryott should understand those running for Congress should stop being politicians first and should start being caring individuals who have answers to the dire issues facing Americans today.  His opponents say he appears to be desperate to get ahead even if it means putting out false narratives against them. All he is doing is muddying the waters, so his opponents must go on the defensive instead of talking about important issues such as rising crime, border security, parent’s say in education, safety in schools, supply shortages, inflation, and huge gas prices. It would be nice if politicians such as Maryott stopped putting their agenda before those Californians who are trying to survive the Biden policies. Recently Carl DeMaio, the chairman of Reform California called Maryott a vanilla candidate.  It appears Maryott’s tactics have shown that the vanilla has soured.



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