Could Kobe be the Warriors’ new secret weapon?

After a disappointing loss in the NBA finals, the Golden State Warriors could look to expand their bench with a single player: Kobe Bryant.

Kobe still has game, that’s a fact not fiction. In Kobe’s final game he scored 61 points. That’s more then a point and a half per minute

If Kobe only played limited minutes coming off the bench he could easily score 15 points in 15 minutes. Kobe wouldn’t have to play every game, in fact he would only have to play a few games to keep himself in game-time condition.

The Warriors won more games this past year than any team in the NBA and will do so again this next season. Kobe can post up any player in the league and score in the low post, or he can get the 3 ball from the perimeter. He could very easily run with Golden State’s small team consisting of Stephan Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and either Andre Iguodala or Harrison Barnes! Kobe would be an automatic threat the minute he entered the game. He would enable Golden State’s three-point shooters to be open or he could take the 3-point shot himself.

The Warriors lost to Cleveland Cavaliers by only 3 points and Kobe could make up that difference very easily and bring the championship back to Golden State.

After spending these past 20 years playing for the Lakers, Kobe like all the other “retired b-ball players” will get the itch to continue his remarkable career. This could cement Kobe’s legacy as the greatest basketball player ever to wear a pair of Nike’s.

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