Critical Race Theory – A slippery definition and why you should care.

The Left and other proponents of critical race theory (CRT), will typically say it’s about examining history, acknowledging wrongs, and working to correct the present by analyzing the past.

I would encourage the reader not to get caught up in the definition and argue it. It’s the fastest way to lose the point, considering the definition is constantly changing or they’ll argue that what you’re saying isn’t the real definition or claim it’s another right wing talking point.

When one examines and reads not only what they teach, but more importantly how it’s applied, then it becomes evident as to the insidiousness of it, the deception of their definition and where the teaching and application of will likely lead in the near and distant future.

When thinking about how CRT is taught, it’s important to understand they’re not teaching it in an academic sense. It’s about applied CRT, or how they weave it into their curriculum or apply it in exercises or practicals. They present the tenets of it as an absolute and a new societal model, leaving no room for reasonable debate. It is truth because we say that it’s true, circle logic nonsense.

Just a few examples of how this is already taking shape includes, incessant articles damning whites (white men and Christians especially), teachers having their students fill out equity surveys, making them do privilege walks based on their birth characteristics, and race based discrimination when applying for a job or entrance into a program.

You may not be interested in it, but it’s interested in you. They’re building hoards of converts to their New Religion. It’s not something that’s coming — it’s here, and isn’t something to ignore anymore than you can ignore the reality of a tsunami. You just may not be directly feeling the effects…yet.

Aspects of how it has morphed and its history

Before broader points are made, it’s important to understand the history and call this strategy what it is — a cultural or color revolution. A revolution that intends to overthrow aspects of our current system, its history, laws, rights and culture. In China’s cultural revolution they made it imperative to do away with what they called the Four Olds: Old Ideas, Old Culture, Old Habits, and Old Customs. Seem familiar?

Tenets of CRT are not something new. It’s the symptom and evolution of an ideology that’s been perpetuated for nearly a century in the U.S. alone. In some respects it follows ideological subversion created by the Soviets, revolutionary and hate filled aspects of the communists, in other respects fabian socialist who seek a slow overturning, taking many years to occupy every major institution of power and influence. In some respects there are hints of fascism, due to large multinational corporations, namely the tech sector, in coordination and concert with the State apparatus.

However one tries to label it, it’s all of these in some degree but can be better summed up as Totalitarianism. Power and control wielded by our most influential institutions, corporations and the State working in an unholy alliance to crush freedom and liberty. As we’ve all witnessed as of late, if you question it you get shouted down, canceled, called a conspiracy theorist or worse, and the ever-morphing ideology advances.

For further historical context, the Communist created an initiative called The Long March Through the Institutions, overlapping with the Fabians, that detailed the strategy of how to subvert the United States slowly from within. And so it went, first with higher education, then the media and entertainment industries, government (elected and government agencies), lower education and now even the military.

So why is there such a focus lately on race and this push for CRT in Western society?

Using race relations and our history was also identified by the Communist as a divisive tool in the 20’s, to create demoralization and destabilization. CRT is a spawn of classical marxism — characterized as class struggle, that has shifted into the “everything struggle” that I’ll explain below.

Most of this new twist on marxism came from the 1930s Frankfurt School who developed Critical Theory. Since then, it’s taken many shapes such as social justice, intersectionality, 4th wave feminism, identity politics, the environmental movements, and national and worldwide welfare projects to entrap people in lower socioeconomic cycles. All of these have now culminated into the same message — that whiteness/the West and especially white Christian males are cause of all suffering and ills of the world.

The cultural marxist finds any disparity of outcome in a society and asserts that the only possible answer is racism, sexism, exploitation, oppression, capitalism, bigotry, etc. What’s tricky is that in some cases those explanations do in fact account for injustices or disparities. No reasonable person would argue that there are no bad faith people in charge of industry or government, or that our system is perfect.

But ALL unequal outcomes? No, absolutely not. They use some of these truths to damn the entire system, using broad strokes on entire groups of people and leave no room for counter evidence, facts, data, reason and nuance.

Where It Has Led

For more contemporary examples of this ideology taking shape, I direct your attention to the 2008 stock market and housing crash. This may seem odd, but stay with me. Many people were rightly outraged and created the Occupy Wall Street Movement to point out the root cause — deregulation from politicians, social pushes that everyone own a house, bankers and wall street unhinged and detached from monetary reality, and all of the moral hazards these combined decisions produced. People actually started honing in on root causes: banks, large corps and corrupt politicians.

In order to take the heat off of the culprits behind this corruption and malfeasance, Google Word Trends has revealed terms such as racism, discrimination, whiteness, systemic racism and other similar terms rose exponentially in mainstream news and online articles. They forced a new narrative and created division, as the powerful sophist often do.

In another case, Daryl Davis — a black man who converted hundreds of KKK members — would go up to their members, start chatting with and befriending them. Many eventually left this idiotic group, realizing their propaganda didn’t match with the kind of guy Daryl is. 

Conversely, Daryl has tried talking to Antifa members (a marxist front group like BLM), hoping to break through to them as he had with the KKK, and they spat at, threatened and called him names — even, having the audacity to call him a white supremacist! The same Antifa that is supported and legitimized by most of the political Left, explicitly from figures like Kieth Ellison and even the U.N. drawing their support. No that it not a typo, you can easily search it.

They use transgender people, but only the ones furthering their cause. Blair White for example has pushed back on the leftist agenda, but despite being trans was attacked for tacitly supporting Trump, and not agreeing with all aspects of the transgender everything-goes-push in this country.

Female feminist whom they don’t like get the same treatment — women like Karen Straughan, Camille Paglia and Cassie Jaye. They were attacked socially and demonized for breaking orthodoxy and ranks in this ever shifting ideology. 

Gay men like David Ruben, a classic liberal who saw that the modern Left no longer holds his values, was treated as traitor in their eyes. The amount of hate and slander towards that man is astounding.

Jewish men like Bret Weinstein who taught at Evergreen college (extremely leftist institution), was attacked and forced to leave. Why? He didn’t think it was very liberal to tell Whites they’re NOT to allowed come to school on a particular day, and if they did they’d essentially be marked as a racist. He penned an email, and was literally hunted down by radical students. That was in 2017 and a watershed moment for how radicalized the students had become, and how deep the marxist agenda/CRT had infiltrated academia.

They’re so filled with rage, and committed to their cause that they “successfully” defaced or tore down statues of Hans Christian Heg, Miguel Cervantes and Frederick Douglas — all heroes who fought for real justice, but were simply perceived as having done something nefarious because they represented the past.

They use identity groups, and pretend to care about them, placing victimhood as the highest currency. They use any cause that they know others care about, and latch onto it to push their agenda. The elites pushing this agenda have no care for groups, wild eyed causes, ideology, nor nation states and culture. Marxism, communism, socialism, and the other litany of off-shoots only see the ideology as a vehicle to obtain concentrated power. They know the messaging resonates and creates wedges between regular people, so they can operate with little criticism. Again, the names and definitions don’t matter that much — the point is, they share a common goal, and one that history tells us only leads to destruction.

Critical Race Theory: How it taps into emotion, morality and functions as a non-theistic ideology.

As pointed out, it’s important to understand that CRT is just the new buzzword for the Left, but the core of it has been around since the Communist Manifesto.

Those who push this ideology know it’s not meant to be rational. It’s meant to drive into a few deep rooted non-virtuous aspects we all have within ourselves: envy, jealousy, and recognition of disparities. It appeals to the emotions and societal issues observed, and more so when these issues can also be attached to historical atrocities.

Emotion is more powerful than facts usually, and is especially so when it comes to the masses. The Marxist knows this. There’s a reason why “woke” and “CRT” ideology has been coined as a non-theistic religion. It operates in a very religious way, only absent of a god. Those espousing it, especially those in charge reject God and see themselves or the State as god who must fix a broken world. They tap into the drive for belonging to a group, ills of the human condition and provide an answer to one of the biggest fundamental questions: where does suffering come from?

Because of the cult like way this ideology operates, it’s why you can’t question it, can’t criticize it and don’t dare read, speak to or listen to anyone who doesn’t agree with it. Otherwise you’re ostracized, canceled and targeted. Everyone outside of the paradigm is a heretic in their eyes. You can’t keep up with it and it doesn’t have to make sense. You’re only expected to obey as the New Religion prescribes. It’s just adopted in our institutions, and is seen as a cultural shift or “progress.”

You’re expected to have blind faith and disregard contradictions like, “racism is bad and a great evil, but it’s okay and even encouraged to be racist towards and hate whites.” Or, “Don’t be racist but we also want you to see everyone only as their race.”

Perhaps the most insidious aspect is the moral appeal, or rather moral phraseology they use. A moral imperative requires action. Everything that’s not moral or ethical, is more in the category of being nice, respectful, some social norm or some other similar category. For example, when meeting someone it’s nice and customary to shake their hand. If you refuse, then it would be perceived as rude, but not in the realm of breaking some moral code or law worthy of punishment.

To commit great evil and atrocities towards another, one must convince others that it’s for moral reasons. Religious or not, nearly everyone has a moral framework for good, but also the capacity to look at someone else as other than, less, an outsider and even evil. Tapping into moral appeals for a cause or a law is designed for one thing only: it’s either to give justice to those who have had a violation done to them, i.e. rape, theft, murder, or it’s used to create hate, division and ultimately murder. If that hate is planted in enough people’s minds and unleashed then it ends in genocide. I don’t say this to be hyperbolic or sensational. Look to every mass genocide and you’ll recognize the same patterns. So and so person, group or idea is bad or evil and therefore we must eradicate them with force, and by any means necessary.

Part of their moral imperative is that all disparities are the result of racism, bigotry, sexism. Also that everything is stolen — land, property, goods, resources and even “spirits.” Yes, you read that correctly. There are activist pushing for school curriculum stating that teachers, “Spirit cook BIPOC kids.” They claim whiteness is property, and that being white is inherently racist and irredeemable. Think about those claims for a minute. Equating skin color to property. Does that sound reasonable, rational and in good faith?

If someone can convince another that they have something because it was stolen, then it’s morally okay to take it back. Activists have written books called In Defense of Looting, making the case it’s within their right and acceptable take good that aren’t theirs. After all, it’s not stealing if it was taken from you in the first place in one form or another.

They say “words are violence,” and that hateful speech or speech that simply offends them equals violence. Therefore, they feel justified to use actual physical violence to stop your speech. While words can lead to violent acts, saying something that offends someone — highly subjective and ever changing— is a far cry from inciting violence.

Where it leads

Espousing this rhetoric by those who hold power in government agencies, politics, media, entertainment, academia and powerful tech corps, leads to fairly predictable outcomes.
To fully understand what possessing this level of actual power with hate filled messaging, I’d encourage you to become acquainted with Mao, Lenin and Stalin (the gulags and Holodomor), what the Cambodian and Cuban communist did, and finally the Rwandan genocide and Balkan war. I point this out because nearly everyone knows about Hitler and the Nazis, but that wasn’t the only atrocity in the 20th century. If you’ve never heard of the former or have limited knowledge, then believe me, it’s for a reason. Now is the time to brush up on left out history.

The benefit to causing the kind of division that critical race theorist have done, is that it can’t be solved! It demands very convoluted methods to achieve.

We can strive for equal opportunity, but we cannot achieve equal outcomes. Imagine if everyone who sings said “we all must become world class singers.” ”It’s racist or sexist not to have everyone perform in a stadium to 70 thousand people!”  Who would go or enjoy such a thing? It’s not possible. No reasonable person thinks the worst person singing at karaoke night, should receive the same pay and audience as their favorite artist.

Those proposing this level of egalitarianism know it’s impossible, which is why they chose it. It can forever allow them to unleash the power of the State on everyone. They’ll never get the results, and will convince the masses that the only way to solve them is by giving them more power.

I believe the powerful do this so people forget or don’t recognize who’s really been fleecing them over the decades — both parties, banking, Wall Street, unelected officials, career corrupt politicians, and educational institutions that we’ve put far too much trust and undeserving credence into. They want America, civil and constitutional rights to fail and to regress people back to being serfs, controlled by tech and multi-national corporation oligarchs who are in bed with the political elite. They want to control the currency, the food, the water and everything in between. They of course do this in the name of progress, while actually embodying everything regressive — regressing society back to a modern day feudal class. 

To introduce and enact this ideology into a country as diverse as ours, is a recipe for disaster. You couldn’t make up a more sinister ideological push. I don’t claim to have a perfect system in mind, but it’s definitely not this. Every people and culture throughout history has stains. No one should white wash them, and no one should bludgeon those now for them. 

Perhaps in the end things won’t devolve into mass violence. But make no mistake, if they get their way they’ll begrudgingly accept your compliance and subjugation. Maybe the 20th century taught them that mass genocide isn’t the way, and that control comes in other forms such as social controls, giving and taking privileges and material gain. Is it any better? As a patriot and one that holds freedom and liberty as a first principle, then no. I cannot conclude as such.

The important thing is, to not lose hope and faith. This too shall pass. We have to realize we have more in common than we realize and recognize the real enemies of freedom and liberty — those who are trying to create chaos and division. Different groups of people CAN get along, so as long as we realize that this ideological fight is between liberty VS authoritarian tyrants, and that there’s a fellowship of people — decent and virtuous people out there waiting to set things right. We cannot if this new spin on cultural marxism takes total root. Ground for the liberty minded has to be taken back. Remember that we’re not alone, and God has the final say.

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