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Coming to Digital and rental at Redbox from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and writer/director Richard Rich is the story of love, family and one person’s revenge with THE SWAN PRINCESS: A Royal Wedding.

Princess Mei Li has fallen in love with her true love Chen. When the emperor’s sorceress Fang tells all, Chen is put under a spell. But love saves them and they run to their Swan Princess friend Odette and Prince Derek for help along with brother Prince Li. Agreeing to escort them home and talk to Mei Li’s father, the emperor has a change of heart and welcomes his daughter back happily.

Fang is more than ever determined to stop the wedding of Princess Mei Li and Chen. Please with the spell she puts on Mei Li, it makes the princess’ friends more determined to discover what is happening in the palace.

The intrigue becomes even more serious when Fang makes her final move and convinces everyone that she is Mei Li. But Princess Odette, Prince Derek and Prince Li have other ideas to put a stop to Fang’s plan of ruining the kingdom and their young friend’s happiness.

Love is the most powerful thing of all!

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THE SWAN PRINCESS: A Royal Wedding is so delightful from start to finish. I watched this with my granddaughter, and we had an amazing time together watching the story unfold. Almost immediately she had her eye on Fang and all the mischief the character caused. We laughed together and cheered for Princess Odette, Prince Derek, Princess Mei Li and Chen, as well as all the delightful animal characters.

When Prince Derek’s mother comes along for the adventure, it is her lovely voice singing a tender song that really choked us up. It was lovely and put in the film at just the right time. There is adventure, fun, danger, lessons, history and it is all wrapped up in the most amazing colorful filmmaking.

That’s what is important right now as we are all together with our families, a film that we can all enjoy together and talk about when it is over. THE SWAN PRINCESS: A Royal Wedding is the reason for family nights at the movies. I will admit the animals were my favorite as they always tend to be with their antics and abilities to see humans in a way that we don’t see ourselves.

So gather and celebrate royalty!

In the end – they celebrate love and friendship together!



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