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Coming to 4K Ultra HD, Bluray and Steelbook from writer/director Roland Emmerich and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is GODZILLA.

On an island in Polynesia, a military test has caused an iguana nest to be disturbed and, in the ocean, a Japanese vessel is attacked by something never seen before. Scientist Dr. Niko Tatopoulos (Matthew Broderick) who studies wildlife and radiation has an unexpected visitor and goes to other countries to see for himself what this “Gojira” has done. Discovering a species never before been encountered, Nick thinks it’s just a new species.

But Gojira has other plans making its way to New York leaving destruction in every direction. Nick tries to help the military capture whatever it is that causing all the problems. Also trying to discover what is happening is Nick’s girlfriend Audrey Timmonds (Maria Pitillo), a reporter who uncovers secrets the military has been hiding along with cameraman Victor (Hank Azaria). Preparing to put the information of air, boss Charles Caiman (Harry Shearer) steals the story and renames Gojira, Godzilla.

If things couldn’t get worse, Nick is taken by Philippe Roache (Jean Reno) who know what’s been happening but is trying to hide the French connection. Believing there was a nest somewhere in New York, Roache and Nick try to find it but a collision with a submarine sinks Godzilla but there is still the nest, oh yes, the nest.

In Madison Square Garden, the nursery becomes a shooting gallery for the military and Godzilla is not about to let that go without trying to settle the score. Man versus beast and someone has to win.

Broderick as Tatopoulos was happy studying worms until he finds himself standing in a footprint. The more he sees the more he realizes that the new species that is carving out a path of destruction is more important than the worms in Russia. Broderick gives his character a brain but also adds a bit of hero element in trying to stop Gojira from doing what he is doing.

Pitillo as Audrey is a young woman trying to start a reporting carrier in New York but finds herself a researcher to a douchebag. Doing what she needs to do, Gojira offers her the opportunity to get in the action, literally, walking into a nest! Azaria as Victor is a bit of comic relief who realizes what they are doing and doesn’t seem to mind jumping in to the fray as long as his camera is capturing it all.

Reno as Roache has a reason to be worried about what Gojira is doing because of how he was created. Now, to keep his country safe from blame, he jumps in along with Tatopoulos to not only find what Gojira is hiding but make it all stop. Reno is always a stern looking serious character and, in this film, he has a chance to smirk from time to time and crack a joke (which are actually funny).

Other cast include Kevin Dunn as Colonel Hicks, Michael Lerner as Mayor Ebert, Arabella Field as Lucy Palotti, Malcolm Danare as Dr. Mendel Craven, Glenn Morshower as Kyle Terrington, Chris Ellis as Gen. Hunter Anderson, Richard Gant as Admiral Phelps and Kurt Carley as Godzilla.

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Special features 4K ULTRA HD DISC Feature presented in 4K resolution with Dolby Vision,

Dolby Atmos + 5.1 audio, Theatrical Trailers. Also, on Bluray Disc, Feature presented in High Definition, 5.1 audio, Visual Effects Commentary, Behind the Scenes of Godzilla® with Charles Caiman, All Time Best of Godzilla® Fight Scenes and “Heroes” Music Video by The Wallflowers.

GODZILLA is a fun action film with the worlds most iconic monster. Coming to life in 1954 from director and writer Ishiro Honda. From then on, the world has been fascinated with this character to the tune of 33 film, video games, comic books and even television. He is literally the king of the monsters.

Of course, being a king, he has arch-nemises’ of his very own including Rodan, Mothra and Anguirus. Remembering my brother and I up on Saturday mid-morning waiting to watch the black and white films and cheering on Godzilla (or Mothra sometimes). Then, for a few years, Godzilla faded a bit into the background of film only to be revived again bringing his atomic breath with him and angry roar.

Director Emmerich takes the story of Gojira/Godzilla and attempts to modernize it. From the cause of the monster’s birth to making his way to New York, Godzilla is once again back on the big screen wreaking havoc that fans all love. That means the family gets to gather up, shut off the lights and turn on the sound bar for an epic time with the king of the monsters!

In the end – he is taking over!



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