Life has its inevitable ups and downs, and the challenges we experience might not always seem fair. But there’s no need let your happiness depend upon life’s uncontrollable circumstances.

“What you want and what you get are not always one and the same,” says Amy Shea, author of the new book “Defending Happiness and Other Acts of Bravery,” a collection of short stories about her life’s journey with adversity. “The key is to find what makes you happy and defend it.”

In her book, Shea details how tough circumstances have not deterred her from living life on her own terms.

For example, she ultimately came to view her battle with breast cancer as a gift of opportunity.  “What is possible to do in one’s life changes remarkably when one fears death more than embarrassment,” she says.

Whether you’re experiencing adversity or simply going through the daily annoyances — you can empower yourself by going after, and protecting your happiness.



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