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Coming to Amazon Prime Video from writer/director Julia Hart and Jordan Horowitz comes the story of when you discover life has been a lie with I’M YOUR WOMAN.

Jean (Rachel Brosnahan) is a housewife living in the 1970’s suburb trying to keep herself occupied. That is until husband Eddie (Bill Heck) brings home a bundle of joy named Harry and Jean finds someone to think of more than herself while Eddie keeps busy with business. That is until one day when a friend barges into the house and tells Jean she must pack a quick bag and leave.

Outside waiting is Cal (Arinze Kene) who quickly takes Jean and Harry away and, on their trip, she is told to contact no one and make friends with no one. She learns that Eddie has done something bad, but Cal will not tell her any more details. All she knows is that he is gone, and people want to hurt her and the baby.

Settling in a safe house, Jean tries to settle in a little taking care of Harry and trying to cook eggs while waiting for Eddie or Cal. When she hears a knock at the door, it is an elderly woman named Evelyn (Marceline Hugot) who feels the need to help Jean. Feeling a bit more comfortable is short lived when Jean hears someone in the house. Making a call and running to Evelyn’s, she realizes that they have been found.

Cal takes them to a far-off cabin that no one would think to look for. No phones and no other contact, Jean tries again to settle into cabin life. She is shocked when Teri (Marsha Blake), Art (Frankie Faison) and young Paul (De’Mauri Parks) arrive. They too are on the run and became separated from Cal.

Jean begins to feel glad she has some company but both she and Teri are anxious when Cal does not show up. Sharing their stories, both women decide they are going back to find him. Teri turns to Mike (James McMenamin) for help and it soon turns out that everyone is in on finding Eddie. That means they are turning to everyone who knew him and if they do not talk – they die.

As Jean learns more about her husband, the stronger she becomes knowing that Harry needs his mother and not to live with the Eddie’s lies and all she believed to be true.

Brosnahan as Jean is a young woman with lots of time on her hands and a husband who takes care of her. So much so that when Harry comes into her life, Jean begins to change her own thinking of what is important. Once she is on the run, not a minute goes by that she does not learn something new about the man she is married to. Brosnahan gives her character a believable naivete that makes one feel sorry for her but at the same time her strength of character grows frame by frame.

Kene as Cal just shows up, says little but lets Jean know that this is no game. There are people who have no problem taking her and Harry’s life because of Eddie. Kene gives us a reserve that feels loaded with information and as it comes out in pieces, we know that he is going to do what ever it takes to take care of Jean and her son. Whether out of care or loyalty, it does not matter because Kene gives it his all and it pays off.

Blake as Teri is like Jean in many respects although a lot wiser in the ways of what is happening to them both. She knows how it works and tries to share with Jean what she can without giving to much away, just in case. Blake gives us the eyes of someone jaded in the life she keeps trying to run away from for the sake of her own young son.

Heck as Eddie has a short role but the impact of it reverberates through the entire film. Hugot as Evelyn is a sweet neighbor who wants to help, stay home with your lasagna next time Evelyn! Faison as Art knows that Jean isn’t savvy in the ways of the real world and tries to give her a push or two toward what can help her even if it’s even more dangerous.

Shout out to McMenamin as Mike, I mean with enemies like this who needs…wait…what?

Other cast include: James as Justin Charles as Harry and Jarrod DiGiorgi as Jimmy.

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I’M YOUR WOMAN is actually a tale of twists, turns, action, emotion and I love it! This is not a fast-paced film which I am fine with because with every bomb that is dropped, I kind of need a minute to absorb the exquisite madness of it all. Having it set in the 70’s, the music, cars, costuming is all just a colorful illusion to the underworld that Jean had no idea about.

Step by step she is brought in deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole and if her life was not in danger to begin with, it is almost worthless to those looking for Eddie now. The growth of Jean is stunning and fantastic at the same time. Brosnahan takes us on the ride of her life – literally!

In the end – she is going to stop running!



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