A Wyoming Secret Proposal

Blackwells of Eagle Springs

August 23rd, 2022

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A Wyoming Secret Proposal by Amy Vastine is the second book in the The Blackwells of Eagle Springs compilation series. This is a sweet, enjoyable love story with a little bit of drama. 

The story centers around Wyatt Blackwell, the youngest of five children. He was restless so he decides to find work in different parts of the US, to be a cowboy-for-hire working at different ranches throughout the western United States. After finishing his latest job before returning home, Wyatt and his buddies decide to stop in Las Vegas. There he meets Harper Hayes, a social media influencer. They meet, they get drunk, and get married. Unfortunately, neither one realizes they are married after sobering up. 

To save face on her social media platforms, they’ve agreed to remain married for a month, but without telling each other’s family. She puts her trust in her stepfather and tells him about the marriage.  From there everything blows up and readers wonder if Wyatt and Harper can maintain their relationship. There is also the continued story arc of how the Blackwells can save the ranch.  Making appearances from the first book are Corliss, Wyatt’s older sister, their grandmother, Denny, and her brother, Big E. 

This is a fun story with likeable and relatable characters.  The plot is engaging and the banter between the characters will put a smile on reader’s faces.

Elise Cooper:  Idea for the story?

Amy Vastine: Since there are five of us writing the Blackwell books we work as a team. There is an over-arching story that goes across all five.  We each pick a character and then figure out a way to put it into the overall story. I had the baby of the family as the one who never was tied down to the ranch. I wanted to write an accidental marriage for the romance.  I also have adult children who helped guide me in how to write the twenty-something characters. This is where the whole social media influencer came from.

EC:  How do you keep character continuity since other authors characters are in this story?

AV: It is super hard.  We write the other characters ourselves because we all write the stories at the same time. We do email and text each other questions to make sure we get it right. I feel a lot of pressure to get the characters written correctly when they are not my babies. Once we finish our manuscript, we send it to each other.  We encourage each other to search through it to find the names and make sure the scene and banter fits. Our editorial team is awesome because they will tell us, “I don’t think this is how the character would respond.” They will help guide us. We get good feedback because they are part of the whole big story.  I enjoy how the other authors will help with scenes and banter at times.

EC:  Why Vegas?

AV:  It made it easy to have the accidental marriage because they give marriage licenses very quickly. I had them meet at a Blackjack table.  It is the easiest card game for me to understand. My dad taught me the tricks to this card game.

EC:  How would you describe Harper?

AV:  Flamboyant, relentless, feisty, independent, and strong.  But she tries to hide her insecurity because she never had anything permanent in her life.  She comes off that she has everything together, but she still seeks approval. 

EC:  How would you describe Wyatt?

AV: Gentleman, responsible, kind, funny, a hard worker, and a wanderer.  Basically, a cool guy with a quiet charm. He felt pigeon-holed in the small town, having lived there his entire life. He wanted to experience something new. He felt he was not his own person because he is known through his family. 

EC:  What about the relationship?

AV:  They decide to stay in the marriage temporarily and pretend to help her out with her social media posts.  This fits her old way of doing things. They are from opposite worlds.  She is a fish out of water in the small town, much different than the fast-paced city she is used to. They discovered what they needed through each other. She helped him appreciate what he had in the small town, something he took for granted.  He cared about her even after the first impression. 

EC: What was the role of Brock and Serena?

AV:  They are part of the larger plot, Harper’s stepfather, and mother. Brock is the first, most obvious bad guy in the story who wants to take the ranch away from the grandmother.  He is our red herring. Serena is that mom who does not always do things correct but wants to be a good mother.  She redeems herself and encourages Brock to redeem himself.  

EC:  Your next book?

AV:  My first Christmas heartwarming comes out in late November. It is titled Christmas Wedding Crashers.  There are two rival families.  The senior most members of the family decide to get married.  The younger generation, the hero and the heroine join forces to stop this marriage. In that process, they begin to fall for each other. 




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