Wyoming Rodeo Rescue

Book 3 The Blackwells of Eagle Springs

Carol Ross

Harlequin Heartwarming

Sept 27th, 2022

Wyoming Rodeo Rescue by Carol Ross is the third book in this third series about the Blackwell family. The plot is centered around family and misconceptions.  Halloween plays a role in the story and readers definitely get a treat not a trick.

The hero and heroine both are struggling to find themselves.  Summer Davies decides to lay low to avoid a major scandal. She is a famous equestrian who learns her boyfriend has cheated on her on the same night that he proposed marriage. Unfortunately, her reaction had been filmed and everyone can see her tossing the ring into a lake and storming out. To avoid the potential scandal that can derail her career, her trainer convinces her to fill in as headliner and MC for a rodeo in Wyoming. 

There she meets Levi Blackwell, who used to be a rodeo rider, but quit due to an injury. Now, back at home, he decides to start up his own rodeo. He is going to use the money to help pay off his grandmother’s debts and be able to keep the Flying Spur Ranch. When they first meet, both butt heads.  She appears to be a diva, and he appears to be hardheaded. But due to housing problems, she, her horse, and her trainer, stay at Levi’s ranch. What they realize is that they came to a wrong conclusion about each other and that they have an attraction to one another. They also both realize that Levi’s ten-year-old daughter is drawing them together since they want to protect her.

If someone wants to put a smile on their face this is the book to read.  The story will at times make readers laugh with the banter.  The plot is very touching.

Elise Cooper: How are you doing after the loss of your husband?

Carol Ross:  It’s been rough as you can imagine. Maybe, in the future I will write about my journey because I have a lot to say about it. I might write a non-fiction about my experience, since these books are more light-hearted. It has been hard. I have been devouring books and articles on grief. If I do write something, maybe someone who has gone through something similar can be helped.

EC:  Halloween was brought into the story?

CR:  They had a Zombie hayride, with each dressed in costume. Plenty of pumpkins and games. My chosen month was October.  It flavored the whole book. I love this holiday if it’s not too scary.  Just the cute stuff, no horror.

EC:  How did you get the idea for the story?

CR:  We have a collaborative process, throwing ideas out there and not overlapping. I liked the idea of opposites attract.  My heroine started out different than she really was.  The hero and heroine thought they were opposites but ended up finding out how similar they really were.  They had a horse connection. They both had expectations that were not accurate.

EC:  How did you get all the information about horses?

CR:  I have a friend who has been showing horses for a while. She knows about the horse world. I would not say that the heroine is based on her, but there is a lot of her in that character.  Just as with Summer, my friend, is also someone who should not be underestimated or that people should not assume things about her. 

EC:  How would you describe Summer?

CR:  Impatient at times, career motivated, intense, hard worker, devoted, and anxious.  I know readers thought at times she can be a diva. I think that scene did not come across as I wanted it.  I wanted her to be a diva by circumstance, not an actual diva. The town took her by surprise, yet she was able to acclimate quickly. Reluctant diva is a good term. She never faced her problems unless it dealt with her horse.  She needed to realize what she really wanted.

EC:  Braden the ex-fiancé versus Levi?

CR:  I did not want any heart break but wanted a complication.  Levi was a rodeo horse guy and Braden was a stereotypic equestrian, a snobby rich horse guy. Braden thinks a lot of himself, wants eye candy for a partner, charming, reckless, publicity hound, and confidant. Readers should not be enamored with him. 

EC:  How would you describe Levi?

CR:  He is kind, caring, can jump to wrong conclusions, might have tunnel vision about people, and his daughter means everything to him.  He was wounded deeply by his ex and is stressed by the new family situation.  He has a little bit of a temper.

EC:  What about the relationship?

CR:  Levi was shocked that he had strong feelings for Summer.  Initially he thought she was not his type, looking on her as condescending and spoiled. They goad each other and are sarcastic.  They misjudged each other.  Neither was looking for love but realized there was a major attraction. An opposite attraction.

EC:  What about Isla, Levi’s ten-year-old daughter?

CR:  Cute, polite, smart, curious, determined, funny, and brought Summer and Levi together.  Summer saw a lot of herself in Isla. She helped Summer because Summer was brave for the little girl when she could not be brave for herself.

EC:  What role did divorce play?

CR:  Passive-aggressive relationship between Levi and his ex.  They liked to snipe and argue, even in front of Isla, almost putting her in the middle. Isla was hurt by their arguments. Levi could not see what he was doing wrong because he was too focused on what his ex-wife was doing wrong. In the end, they both saw the light. 

EC:  Next book?

CR:  I have been on a hiatus because of my husband’s illness and death. Thankfully, my publisher and editor are amazing.  I am under contract for a five book western series. It might be a little while until I write the story.




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