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Coming on 4K Ultra HD, Bluray and Digital from writer/director Rian Johnson and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is the 10th Anniversary since the release of LOOPER.

Kansas City in 2044 and Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) works for a crime organization as a looper. Using a looper means one can send an enemy back in time to be disposed of conveniently and this is all run by Abe (Jeff Daniels). There is a little glitch in being a looper because after a certain amount of time – loopers meet themselves to ‘close the loop’.

Now, a man named Seth (Paul Dano) tells Joe that he has failed to close a loop and now everyone is in jeopardy as the Rainmaker wants to take out bosses. The Gat men are now on the hunt for Joe who seems to jump time to avoid being captured. Continually trying to alter history, there is no escape.

Old Joe (Bruce Willis) is affected by everything young Joe does and has memories of everything. When the two meet, Old Joe makes it clear he wants to save his wife and take out the Rainmaker. The only way they can find him is by markings on a map that could tell them everything they need to know.

Joe’s information leads to a farm where Sara (Emily Blunt) lives. She recognizes the numbers as her son Cid’s (Pierce Gagnon) birthday and more importantly the hospital where he was born. Old Joe is going there to do something heinous as another Gat Man comes to the farm where Cid and Joe have to hid.

Sara confesses that she and her son have telekinetic gifts and when put to the test, Cid uses them to save his mother. Old Joe and young Joe have unfinished business and Sara will do everything a mother would to protect her child.

There is only one way out!

Gordon-Levitt as Young Joe gets the opportunity to play opposite another iconic actor as his younger self. When the film was released 10 years ago, I did not think they looked much alike but that did not stop me from enjoying the dance between them. Gordon-Levitt is good at the no-emotion dead stare of his character but there are ‘human’ moments that shine through.

Willis as Old Joe gave us all a look into how he would continue to give us action films. When LOOPER was made, the world already knew he had amazing chops and this film, although still being picked apart by fans, stands firm. Old Joe is a man on a mission, and he does not see the right or wrong in what he is attempting to do and the focus on this actor’s face is everything.

Blunt as Sara is a protective mother who has her own secrets to hide. When young Joe shows up it seems the cat is out of the bag but that does not stop her from pointing a weapon in any face that gets in her way. Gagnon as son Cid has a few tricks up his own sleeve and when push comes to shove, he can cause more mischief than any looper.

Daniels as Abe runs a tight ship and there is not much leeway in what he wants done. He sees what is happening, what is to come and how there is only one option. I just adore Daniels in the choices of roles that are consistently different and pure – well, Daniels. Shout out to Paul Dano, another one of my favorite actors for his epic demise but important contribution to the story!

Other cast includes Noah Segan as Kid Blue, Piper Perabo as Suzie, Summer Qing as Joe’s Wife, Tracie Thomas as Beatrix, Garrett Dillahunt as Jesse, Nick Gomez as Dale and Franke Brennan as Old Seth.

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Bonus Materials include in the 4K Ultra HD Disc are Feature Presentation in 4K Resolution with Dolby Vision, and All-New Director-Approved Dolby Atmos Audio. The Bonus Materials on the Bluray Disc are Feature Presentation in High Definition, Feature Commentary with Director Rain Johnson, Joseph-Gordon Levitt and Emily Blunt, Looper: The Future from Beginning, 22 Deleted Scenes, Scoring Looper, The Science of Time Travel Featurette and Looper Animated Trailer. 

LOOPER is one for the books because, ten years later, still has people asking the question ‘what did I just see?’. It has stood the test of time and is just as fascinating to watch now as it was the first time the film hit theatres.

There were so many twists and turns the first time I saw the film in 2012 that seeing it once again I have caught nuisances that I did not even consider before. The film is still strange, fascinating, unusual and worth every moment of the one hundred- and eighteen-minute running time.

Sony did themselves proud in re-releasing this film making it available to add to everyone’s home entertainment library. There is the discussion of the colliding of these two Joe’s where one wants his riches and the other wants his love and how far each will go to get what they want. Willis and Gordon-Levitt are stellar and allow us all to see the Joe’s go at it.

In the end – hunted by your future and haunted by your past!



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