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Coming to theatres this Friday from director Ric Roman Waugh and Open Road Films is the story of two men who are running to KANDAHAR.

Tom Harris (Gerard Butler) is a slick CIA operative in Afghanistan that has just finished a dangerous job destroying a nuclear site. Now the focus is on returning home for his teen daughter Ida’s graduation. Operative Roman Chalmers (Travis Fimmel) brings him in at the last minute for a mission that will not wait. Going into Iran to finish taking down is going to be the most dangerous thing Harris has done.

Meeting up with interpreter Mohammed ‘Mo’ (Navid Negahban) has been brought in to help and that’s all. Also, Mo knows the area having been born and raised in Kabul and can get anything Harris needs. But the Afghani also has his own personal reasons to be in this situation. When a journalist is kidnapped and information on who is responsible for the nuclear plant destruction, all hell breaks loose.

The first on it is an angry Afghan leader Kahil (Ali Fazal) wants one thing, to prove himself a powerful leader. Now he has his mission, to get Harris and bring him to those who will reward him. With informants everywhere, Harris and Mo make a run for it and the only place they can go is an airstrip in Kandahar, the catch – be there in thirty hours before the C-130 takes off.

Never knowing who to trust, Harris and Mo make their way through two-faced friendlies but with guns behind their backs. Everyone knows that Harris is worth a fortune to the highest bidder and everyone plays the game to their advantage.

It’s cat and mouse in a rugged and dangerous country.

Butler as Harris gives a tough guy storyline as a man who is slick and knowledgeable about the dangers of both Afghanistan and Iran. This is a role that is smooth sailing for Butler as he takes on the role of a man who is quite capable as the enemy soon discovers and needs Mo as well.

Negahban as Mo is a man who takes the mission because he has things he needs to do personally. His story is one of family, loyalty and getting out alive from a country that holds nothing but death for him. Negahban is focused on what is to be done and knows he needs Harris to get back to his own family.

Fazal as Kahil is an Afghani who lives in two worlds, one of a fighter and one of a man who soaks up everything from the western culture. There is the added bonus to the thrill of the chase for Fazal and Kahil gives it everything to make us believe it.

Shout out to Fimmel because he has been missed! He will always be Ragnar to those of us with Viking blood (yea so what, he’s an Aussie by birth!) but he has since chosen his roles well and given us more of what he can do in his career. He can currently be seen in the series BLACK SNOW.

Cast also includes Bahador Foladi as Farzad Asadi, Olivia-Mai Barrett as Ida Harris, Hakeem Jomah as Rasoul, Bassilis Koukalani as Bashar, Rebecca Calder as Corrine Harris, Tom Rhys Harries as Oliver Altman, Ray Haratian as Ismail Rabbani, and Farhad Bagheri as Parshand.

Butler and Negahban play well together as both are men with families to get home to but also a healthy fear of the men in the country they are in. No one can be trusted and the ones that can are far away and unreachable. That leaves only one thing – run as fast as a car and their feet will take them.

It is also a story of two men who has no reason to trust one another but do. The cast brings in the destructive, dangerous and tenuous element of action to the film and it is non-stop. There is nothing between Kerat and Kandahar but open space and questionable trust but they must get through all of that where the C-130 is not going to wait forever.

In the end – the only thing more dangerous than the mission is the escape!



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