Rush is right

I was listening to Rush Limbaugh the other day and my thoughts were, “He’s out there… pretty far out there.” But I have to admit a lot of times I’m out there with him! He pointed out that 95 percent of the media is against President Trump and the radical left wing elements of the Democratic Party are relentless in their pursuit to stop Trump in any way they can.

It’s a shame that the divide in this country is so malignant that the left wing Democrats don’t care about our country or our people. They seem to only care about creating havoc whenever they feel the opportunity presents itself. I don’t understand how they can completely ignore the Constitution and feel they have a right to interpret it as it suits them.

The chaos created on the campuses of our colleges has trampled on our rights of free speech. I do not believe that all students are part of this giant conspiracy to thwart conservative Republican speakers on their campuses. I find it beyond belief when I watch masked rioters at Berkeley destroying property, smashing windows and setting fires to cars, carts and campuses without retribution. The instance at Berkeley made me angry as hell to watch the police watch and do nothing to stop the carnage at hand.

What’s happened to our police forces that they can stand idly by while a group of masked thugs break the law and get a free pass while breaking those laws? Just think what goes on in the minds of our children in grade school, middle school and high school as they watch on television all these atrocities! If this is permitted now, what do you think will happen when these children advance to higher education. Colleges and college professors should be giving our children the education they need to succeed in life — not their political ideologies that all have a tendency to lean to the left.

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