San Diego’s Veteran Community
needs a STRONG
“Tutelar Command and Control Center”

An organization, free of Government Yolk, but driven by
a need to Protect and Defend the Rights and Benefits for our fellow Defenders of Freedom”

The Vietnam War ended on 30 April 1975, in the link below you will find 23 photo’s either reminding you, or if you’re to young to remember, We The People learned a harsh lesson from that war. The FREEDOM we know and love has its reminders of one fact that will live on in perpetuity, “FREEDOM IS NOT FREE.” The cost for our Defenders of Freedom is far greater than the American Civilian Community is able to comprehend.

The best example our nation has today of “THE WHY” America didn’t comprehend, is the simple fact America has countless former Defenders of Freedom from the Vietnam War who are, to this day, HOMELESS. Today, many of their younger Veteran Brothers from this War on Terror are joining them on their Concrete Mattresses on the Sidewalks and Alley Ways of America. We The People have reached a point in time in history that “Action must speak louder than words”.

Our nations National Security is Job # 1, and that fact includes the aftermath of this war, taking care of our 1% of our American Brothers and Sisters, our Defenders of Freedom…

San Diego, California is home to the largest Veteran Community in America. That fact alone should give “Americas Finest City” the Blueprint to make this local fact a National Celebratory Event during Veterans Week, 4 – 12 November 2012. (Veterans Day is on 11 November each year excepting this Leap Year making the commemoration day, Monday 12 November 2012.)

San Diego County, now more than ever, needs a comprehensive, non – profit 501 (c) 3, corporation
(not another government controlled agency) to be a Veterans Rehabilitation and Activities Center for transitioning from Military Life back into Life in the Civilian Community…

Such an operation could be manned
by Compassionate Civilian Professionals
who have in their hearts a need to
serve those who served We The People.

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