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Coming to drive-in theatres and soon on Digital from writer/director/producer Amy Seimetz and Neon is the twists of life when SHE DIES TOMORROW.

Amy (Kate Sheil) has a very serious problem and it has shaken her to the core. She is convinced that this is her last day on earth. Almost immediately she begins to plan how her death should go. From looking at urns to thinking of being turned into a leather jacket looking on the internet for someone who can do it. It is almost as if she accepts death without a thought.

Calling her friend Jane (jane Adams) telling her of what she thinks is coming. Trying to help Amy with other explanations for her feelings, she warns her friend to be careful about what she is thinking. Leaving to finish her plans, Jane begins to feel a certain way about life and goes to see her brother Jason (Chris Messina) and wife Susan (Katie Aselton) while they are having a birthday party.

The emotional struggle keeps spreading and each is trying to find a connection and an answer but Amy keeps moving forward with her plans.

Sheil as Amy is a very different young woman. Instead of freaking out, although there is that moments at a time, she jumps headfirst into acceptance with urns and the Jame Gumb SILENCE OF THE LAMBS version of a skin coat. Yet, there is something fascinating about her portrayal with a quote I like to “keep your wits when all others around you are losing theirs”. That the performance that Sheil gives and I loved every second of it.

Adams as Jane is a woman who already has problems and now feeling at death’s door, she brings the fear to her brother. Brother Chris Messina as Jason cares for his sister and wants to see her through whatever it is she is experiencing. Messina gives his understanding but also has to deal with wife Susan.

Aselton as Susan isn’t happy about spending her birthday dealing with, what she considers, ravings from her husband’s sister Jane. She is irritated and wants to make it clear to husband Jason that her behavior is no longer acceptable.

Other cast include Tunde Adebimpe as Brian, Jennifer Kim as Tilly. Madison Calderon as Madison, cameos by Josh Lucas, Adam Wingard, Olivia Taylor Dudley, Michelle Rodriguez.

Neon is a film production company that is best known for such films as I, TONYA and one of the most incredible Oscar winning film PARASITE. With a total of 12 Academy Award nominations, Neon appeals to audiences that are looking for in-your-face storytelling. For more information please visit

It is nice to see big named actors getting in on the storyline, it gives the message – at least to me – that not only are they supportive of the project but can’t take lesser roles and feel good about it.

This is definetly a trippy story that at the heart of is seems to be how each of the characters handles death and feeling as if they know when that will happen. One thing the movie does is forces us to question our own thought process about it.

The last time I felt this tripped out was the 1980 film ALTERED STATES and perhaps watching films from David Lynch. That being said I have an affinity for films that don’t follow rules and give something that requires the viewer to pay attention to the details.

SHE DIES TOMORROW gets in your face and doesn’t leave, not even after the final credits. It is clear that the fear of death is one thing, knowing what to do with that information is quite something else (skin jacket included).

So, answer the question out loud that we all wonder in secret.

In the end – your deepest fear is spreading!



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