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This week on Bluray and Digital from director Tomek Baginski and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is a story of the gods and those who are KNIGHTS OF THE ZODIAC.

Seiya (Mackenyu) has grown up an orphan since his sister Patricia (Kaylan Teague) was kidnapped when he was a child. Clearly, she was protecting her young brother but now he wants to find out what happened to her. In the meantime, he finds himself in the fighting ring against fighter Cassios (Nick Stahl) and during their match, a strange blue light emits from him.

That’s when Seiya meets Alman Kido (Sean Bean) who tells him about ex-wife Vander Guraad (Famke Janssen) who wants to hurt the young girl Sienna (Madison Iseman) and Docrates (TJ Storm). The shock comes when Kido tells Seiya that Sienna is the reincarnation of Athena, the goddess of war to added that he is destined to become the Pegasus Knight and protect Athena.

Seiya sees what Athena can do when she becomes upset and the power of her Cosmo shows itself. Trying to take it all in, Sienna tells Seiya that he must train with Marin (Caitlin Hutson voiced by Katie Moy), the Eagle Knight, to learn how to channel his own Cosmo. When his anger gets in the way remembering who was there when Patricia is taken, the promise of the Pegasus pendant is taken away.

When Guraad learns where Sienna is, she takes Nero (Diego Tinoco), the Phoenix Knight, along and as everything seems to be falling apart around Kido, Sienna is taken. Seiya tries to fight off the remade Cassios but it is too late. Seiya, along with trusted friend Mylock (Mark Dacascos) know it is a race against time as Guraad believes the only way to save everything is with Sienna’s destruction.

Mackenyu as Seiya is a young man that is thrown into a world he can not believe exists. Hearing about the war between Kido and Guaard over Sienna/Athena, Seiya only has one thing on his mind, finding Patricia. What he doesn’t realize yet is the connection between what happened that night when he was young and what is being asked of him now. Mackenyu gives it his all and fights through the madness.

Bean as Kido realizes that protecting Sienna is the most important thing in his life, even if it means going against someone he once loved. Bean, once again, has a role that requires him to make many sacrifices. Janssen as Guarrd knows there is only one thing that can be done to stop the goddess of war and will stop at nothing to get Sienna.

Iseman as Sienna is trying to control her powers but realizes there may come a time when that isn’t possible. As her relationship with Seiya gets stronger, she makes him promise that if the powers go to far, he will do everything possible to stop her. Iseman is taking on a strong character and she plays her character well.

Stahl as Cassios also has a mission, to help Guarrd but first and foremost, he wants a piece of Seiya and won’t stop still he gets it. It is also cool to see Dacascos as Mylock, I actually love when he pops up in films and gets to show his fighting skills.

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KNIGHTS OF THE ZODIAC gives action mixed into a complex storyline from start to finish. Once that all works itself the understanding where it is going is a smooth ride. There are some fantastic special effects from fight scenes to glowing blue wings for those who earn them.

The idea of getting all the knights together leaves the door open to expand on the storyline. That would be pretty cool as I discovered my grandkids watching the film with wide eyes and slack jaws. There is nothing better than seeing a kid enjoy a film and cheering on Seiya and Sienna to win the day.

In the end – the battle of the gods has begun!



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