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Coming to Digital, Bluray and DVD from writer/director Han Jae-rim and Well Go USA is the suspenseful story of a plane that calls for an EMERGENCY DECLARATION.

In Korea, Park Jae-hyuk (Lee Byung-hun) is taking his young daughter Soo-min (Kim Bo-min) on a trip. Once at the airport, they are waiting in line for tickets but the young girls needs to use the restroom. Seeing the women’s is backed up in a long line, she sneaks into an empty men’s room. She hears someone come in as Ryu Jin-seok (Im Si-wan) is doing something that she doesn’t understand.

Hearing a noise, Ryu goes to look as Park enters seeing him but looking for his daughter to escort her out. On the plane, Park sees him again and makes every effort to blend in and not be seen by him. Yet, Soo-min once again tries to use the restroom and Ryu decides to whisper something in her ear. She and her father tell the flight attendant Hee-jin (Kim So-jin) who informs the pilot.

On the ground, Detective Gu In-ho (Song Kang-ho) is investigating a rather disturbing find. An apartment filled with things that do not seem to make any sense. Trying to discover who is responsible, it leads to Ryu who is on the plane that has already taken off. Also on the plane is the detective’s wife and daughter!

When they police realize that Ryu has made a poison, it becomes clear that he intends to use it on the plane filled with unknowing passengers. Trying to understand why, they go to the company the now bio-terrorist worked for and get no cooperation. In the air, passengers are starting to show signs of sickness and it doesn’t discriminate – from passenger to pilot, it is spreading.

Tae-su (Park Hae-joon) is the Crisis Management director as they try to decide how to handle the situation. Now that it has spread, the plane bound for the United States has been turned away and no other country will take them. Co-pilot Choi Hyun-soo (Kim Nam-gil) is now flying the plane but needs help from Park putting their previous history aside.

Looking for an anti-virus to combat the poison, the arguing between law and government happens and when word spreads to the public, there is an outcry about the dangers of the plane landing!

Now, the passengers make a stand in the air as one brave officer does so from the ground!

Byung-hun as Park is a dedicated father to his little girl. He knows instinctively that something is very wrong with the man from the restroom. Trying to stay as far away as possible was a good idea, till it wasn’t. He also has a history with planes and the co-pilot that slowly reveals itself and it is done very well. I recognized him instantly from the hit series Squid Games as he brings this character out with a passion and some baggage.

Kang-ho as Detective In-ho is a marvel from start to finish. I have come to truly respect this actors’ choices of characters and he never disappoints. If the name seems familiar it is because he has done such marvelous work in the films MEMORIES OF A MURDER, SNOWPIERCER and the Oscar winning film PARASITE. His work in this film is just as remarkable as a detective who is not going to always play by the rules to get answers – and his family.

Si-wan as Ryu is a deeply disturbed character although is motives seem so very twisted. This actor gave us a very steady evil character, so much so he made me nervous! That’s always the sign of a good bad character. Bo-min as Soo-min is a young girl just trying to have a holiday with Dad. There is a scene between this little actress and Byung-hun on the plane between front and back passenger that is just so moving and it is because of her.

Nam-gil as Co-pilot Choi Hyun-soo does his best to keep the situation steady. Taking over for the ill pilot, he knows that the clock is ticking for him as well. That’s when he calls for back up from an unlikely place. Nam-gil is the strength of the plane and that is an important character. Hae-joon as Tae-su may be part of the government system but she sees how it is failing the people on the flight. Knowing what needs to be done and trying to get what should be done turns into a huge task.

Other cast include Jeon Do-yeon as the Minister, Lee Yul-eum as Stewardess, Moon sook as the Doctor, Jeon Su-ji as Assistant Oh, Seol In-ah as Tae-eun, Jan Seo-yeon as Stewardess, Kim Gook-hee as Mi-ryang, Huun Bong-sik as Yoon Chul, Kwon Han-sol as Inho’s daughter Min-jung and Woo Mi-haw as Inho’s wife Hye-yoon.

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Bonus Features include Make of, The Characters, The 360 Shot, Cannes Film Festival Interviews, England Language Available and Trailer.

EMERGENCY DELCARATION is a thriller from beginning to end. What I enjoyed about the film is that there is never a dangler that signals that the story is coming to an end. No, instead, it takes the viewer on a turbulent ride on the plane for sure but also on humanity. At every turn there is a chance to do good, but there is always one rotten apple – on the ground and in the air.

The cast brings fantastic actors that hold their own, each character bringing something thrilling to the story telling to the point where there would be a gap if not in the story. In the 138 minutes, there is not a moment wasted or a plot point confusing. The story on the ground and the one on the plane play out equally but the plane gets bonus points for all being done in a confined space.

This is a thriller that deserves a big screen and sound bar which makes watching at home so much more fun!

In the end – take your seat, buckle up and hold your breath!



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