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Coming to selected theatres and On Demand and Digital November 1st from director Pierre Morel, AGC Studios and Saban Films is the pain and war with THE AMBUSH.

It is 2018 and the Yemen War has United Arab Emirates Armed Forces at their base on Mocha and preparing for a mission. It is a routine patrol through rugged terrain as Ali Al-Mismari (Marwan Abdulla Saleh), Bilal Al Saadi (Khalifa Al Jassem) and Al Hindasi (Mohammed Ahmed) ride down the road keeping an eye out.

The hills are filled with rebels who would like nothing better than to take down a Humvee. When their truck hits an IED, the barrage of weaponry rains down on their truck. There is no way for the men to get out and their vehicle cannot continue to take hits. As the rebels get closer to their vehicle, they have no choice but to get out.

Radioing out the ambush, drones are sent in to see where the rebels are hiding but sending in choppers to help is going to take time. Other vehicles arrive and are ambushed as well sending the soldiers into survival mode until more help can arrive. They do their duty with their family on their minds but this is what they are trained for!

Other cast include Mansoor Alfeeli as Col. Jamal Al Khatri, Khalifa Albahri as Al Sayari, Ibrahim Almusharaakh as Mansoor, Hassan Yousuf as Abdulla Alblooshi, Abdullah Bin Heider as Col. Almazouri, Salem Altamimi as Sgt. Salem, Saeed AlHarsh as Captain Saeed Al Shehhi and Ghanim Nasser as the Rebel Leader.

Saban Films was launched in 2014 and has built an impressive slate of high-quality feature films distributed with partner Lionsgate. Focusing on talent-driven films, the company looks at projects in all stages of production to be released across multiple platforms. Films such as SISTER OF THE GROOM, FATMAN and BREACH are part of the wonderful Saban slate, and more information can be found at

THE AMBUSH is a powerful film in that we usually see stories about American soldiers in wars. This is an opportunity to experience war from the view of the UAE soldiers and the intensity of emotion. Hearing them speak about their families and see their friendships is so important because it brings us closer to understanding the complexities from another point of view.

At the same time, the film brings the shock of what war brings and the cost of human life. The anger that brings such violence is not just a United States problem, it is a world-wide problem and war is not the solution. THE AMBUSH has a high anxiety level that stayed that way to the last.

The story is written by Brandon Birtell of FURIOUS 7 fame and Kurtis Birtell responsible for MEDAL OF HONOR. THE AMBUSH is the highest grossing Arabic-language film from the United Arab Emirates. Director Morel says, “The feedback we have received from audiences across the UAE has been overwhelming and I am so proud to have been a part of this fantastic project. I hope audiences continue to resonate with this inspirational story of brotherhood.”

In the end – they will bring their brothers home by any means necessary!



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